Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Break Trip

some left today,
others tomorrow,
and I'll be leaving on Wednesday,

Friday, December 19, 2008

from a conflict to a make up

so the conflict ECON 304 final exam was actually on Tuesday, not today as listed on eLion.
boleh tak?

and since I was too tired to be freaking out about this pagi tadi, dgn pasrahnye redha je but then called the instructor and took a make up exam at his office. clearly I'm not fully to blamekan.
so x surelah what will happen with the final grade.
sort of spoil the mood of celebrating the end of finals.

Sabrina wants ice cream, ice cream make her happy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


wake up around 6 in the morning,
flip through the BMB 211 notes,
and came across the word "CHROMOSOME"
though it sound very familiar, very very familiar, for a second I can't recall what was it, even it's infamous structure of an X pun can't recall at that time.

I need coffee to stimulate my brain sekarang juga.

and yesterday baru je ckp ngn Zack, kan best if coffee (Settle's Best, DD or any coffee yg biasa dimimun on campus or even Starbucks) can be order through delivery je during this final week.
I know, mengadakan?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

finals menghampiri

2 days before final week,

the kitchen looks better than it did,
the garbage is thrown out,
tempat belajar lebih kemas,
katil lebih kemas,
sounds coming out from the TV could hardly be hear dah,
my voice pun could hardly be heard juge,
more phone calls to Malaysia,
more chocolates,
more coffee,
more INSTANT food,
less sleep (ok tipu)

during finals,

the kitchen is as bad as it could be,
sampah pun meninggi,
everything will be in a mess, everywhere is a mess
TV will be on,
more phone calls to Malaysia, Safwan and Apai,
more chocolates,
more coffee,
more chips,
more JUNK foods,
more cravings, more eating,
less sleep (x tipu)

after final week,
nothing really matters dah.

bila malas,
call home, pasti membantu and motivated kembali.

and this song was put on for me, when I told someone I can't study dah for an exam sbb too much of a material:

Hero - Mariah Carey

membantu? sort of.

all the best with final week.
may it not be as tough as it seems.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


with a sip, makes you go aaaaaa~
even on rainy days.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A person to thank

So last Friday, we held our Midwest Dinner at Penn Stater Hotel.
It was nice to gather together and celebrate our triumph.
Maybe only us, Penn Staters who really understand how momentous it was to win the Midwest Games 2008 Overall Champion title.

with only 38 contingent members, of course we were very proud to beat the runner-up university, who at least had 80 people with them, for the title kan.


And our Chief de Mission gave a thank you speech that night, thanking every single person he could remember of that had help him along the way, congratulating every winners, giving soothing remarks to those that did not won, and like always making sure our Penn State pride was at its highest state at all times.

So here, I would like to thank and congratulate him for being the greatest CdM we could ask for.
We would have not made it if you were not giving a 100% commitment to your duty, but you did, you put your best foot in, I know because I was there, you gave the very best you could give and because of that unintentionally you bring out the best of us too. And no one deserve it more than you do, to be the one on stage that night to receive the winning trophy, representing us all.
Job well done Apai, I'm more than proud of you.

CdM & I

some think it's better if I were to start giving more opportunities to myself and others now, well I'm learning to let go of certain things, yet there are still things that I wish to hold on to. I believe, there's no need to be with someone else to prove that I've move on and I dont think I shouldn't be friends with him just to prove that either. I'm quite comfortable with the way things are now, everything seem to be better than I expected them to be and I'm thankful for that.

Thanksgiving Break (part 5) : Mt Nittany!

setelah sekian lama x involve in outdoor activities, went hiking!
seronok and overly excited at first pun ade. *grin*
went there with some friends..Gamat pun ade jugak!!
Luckily amek class fitness walking kot, x de la like semput2 sgt mase hiking, well it was not that hard actually..and Gamat and Apai, lead us all the way, cemerlang je..and of course Syahir was always there making share everyone is ok

it wasn't that cold yet the path was snowy, kasut basah and all but it was all worth it. cantik juga scenary di atas.
i miss hiking and camping a lot, sgt amat.

to Mr Savior-of-the-day, thank you for lending your hand..promise akan pkai proper shoes bila hiking lain kali!
to Taufiq, thanks for initiating this Mt Nittany hike k and also for all the pictures (Bart, trima ksh juge!), Yellowstone National Park plak jom.
Snowy pictures, suka.

Kami & Mt Nittany

jump jom!

rindu Thanksgiving break and the people.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving Break (part 4) : Niagara Falls

Thursday, Nov 25
From RIT went to Buffalo, dekat je ok like less than 90 minutes. Stayed at Ju's house, suka jmpe Ju! omg she's really innocent in a good way ok..haha..she simply makes people laugh for just being her! and baik hati je masakkan mee hun goreng and ayam thanksgiving-like for all of us! thanks Ju :)
catching up skit, tdo like 3.00 am and then dgn bahagianya bgn at 10.30 am since hari-hari sblmnya kena bgn as early as 8:00 am. bgn breakfast and more catching up was done. Hawa pun ade kt umah Ju :)
then the guys arrive at 12.30 mkn2 lagi, solat, then make a move to Niagara Falls!

di rumah Ju :)

Ju's University-SUNY Buffalo

Niagara Falls
Sejuk di Niagara Falls but we make it :)

Carmates after Zul ditched us to join Bart's car, haha.

lovely us :)

gambar terakhir road trip:thank you Penn Staters esp carmates for the wonderful 4 days together :)

actually, there is so much to talk about at every places and I do wish to write (ok type) them down not only for the sake of sharing them with others but also as something to read back on later and be able to smile remembering all the things I've did and done, all the people i've meet along the way, like u know, reminiscence people say..tapi sedikit malas la kan. I should stop procrastinating updating my blog, really.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Break (part 3) : Boston

Monday, Nov 22
off to Boston!
I didn't really know what the plan was since i was the follower this time. Luckily, I was in the same car with the planners, Syahir and Zul! Zul tried to keep the plan a secret, but you know, I took a peek at the map quest, heee.
so the road trip was to Yale University-Brown University-Boston-Syracuse-Rit-Buffalo-Niagara Falls-SC.
but we didn't made it to Brown and Syracuse yet it was still fun!

carmates: Egy, Apai, Syahir aka Ca'ei and Zul. Amazingly, we didn't gossip one bit, nothing really, we just sang all along and yeah laughing at the guys jokes, it's impressive how they can turn ANYTHING and EVERYTHING into something to laugh about kan?


first stop was Yale! yeay! That was the only university that I really care going at first but by the end of the trip i was thankful that i got a chance to vist Harvard and MIT too and see how different they are from us Penn State. I mean there are smart, very smart people there. sape yg pegi MIT should surely contact Hassan..tour guide yg berjaya!

downtown New Haven, Connecticut

then straight away to Boston, check in our hotel..dinner BK and off to the town. Sejuk ok, x tipu mase trun kreta but for the sake of the picture yg indah with Bart's camera, bare with it je la kan. but it was worth it. :)

1st: Everyone, 2nd: Juniors and Daju ( do click click click on the pictures for better viewing and wow-ness ;))

Tuesday, Nov 23
It was raining, so firstly make a stop at the Red Sox ballpark (Fenway Park), then went to MIT, Harvard University and Hassan then took us to Anthony's Pier 4 for Lobster! a litttle bit expensive, i think we paid more for the atmosphere of the restaurant than the food thenselves, yet bila lagi nk mkn kt Pier something2 ngn kawan2 kan!lol

at Fenway Park, my bad for not remembering the player's name of the statue

Anthony's Pier 4

to Hassan yg baik hati, if you are reading this (which I doubt he does): thank you very much for your time and hospitality k, it was really nice knowing you :)

Wednesday, Nov 24
went to Quincy Market, paid $23 for an hour parking, mahal x teragak okayyy and then headed to RIT! I was expeceting to meet Pao and Ecah la kan tapi mereka di NYC pula! but still meet some ATU 12 there and Abg Hafiz also, it was nice catching up a bit with everyone :)

at Quincy Market with Egy

with RIT-ians :)

Thanksgiving Break (part 2) : PSU vs MSU

Saturday, Nov 23 2008

wlaupun kesejukan it was worth it, really worth it.
Nittany Lions were at their best, scoring and making a huge gap between us and MSU that we get the chance to see the second team and third team play! comel ok mereka. Joe Pa is a great coach not caring much about the scores yet giving other teams besides the first team play.
and the company I had with me were fun too, I had my babe there, Egy and Ada was lovely too taking pictures of us and we were shivering together, lepaking in the toilet for warmth, haha..Far was not really with us, ngn B name sbnr kot, heee..the guys were sweet too, trying to keep us all warm. yeah that was memorable too.

but singing 'we are the champion' song together at the end of the game after winning the Big Ten Champion Title was an irreplaceable moment, who know when will i be there again in Beaver Stadium to do that. kan?

greattttt experience! Good Luck to the Nittany Lions in the Rose Bowl!

on the way to the game, yes it snowed the day before!

kesejukan di stadium

the winning moment!2008 will be on the wall soooon~

Penn Staters are the best: Sim-Ada-Bina-Fifi-Egy-Ajmal-Apai

to the one who gave me the ticket: thank you, very much.
owh we won: 49-18

Thanksgiving Break (part 1) : Volleyball Tournament

Like I always do, a few posts on one day! So here's a list of stuff I did during Thanksgiving Break:

*Volleyball Tournament
*Football: PSU vs MSU
*Boston & Niagara Falls
*Hiked Mount Nittany
*Islamic Fall Retreat

Friday, Nov 22 2008
So answering Taufiq's question at the shoutbox..Ya Taufiq, I played volley!
hebat or not? Come to Penn State again and we play bersama k, pastilah tak tapi *grin*
but I was still proud with my team, team 6! our team was the only team that won against the tournament's winner, Group 10 but we didn't make it to the semi due to some scoring stuff which I dont bother to know, lagipun I do personally feel Group 10 and Group 8 were more qualified to enter the semi's.
but all that matter was I had fun with my team!
they were very supportive. i heart them. it was a great idea to do a sport tournament and mix us with the junior, congratz to Sim, the organizer!
and the most fun part of course kalahkan group 10 which is Apai's team..haha..I mean finally he lost to me in sport! SPORT! something he is very good in but still afterwards I supported his team till final.

I wish I had my team's pic, Mao if you are reading this, nk gmbr group nnt k!
Sim, nnt nk futsal tournament plak please!

and owh before we headed to Rec Hall for the tournament, we went to Panera Bread, one of Daju's to do list before she grad

Friday, November 14, 2008


The conflict exams were finally settled, so:

2 exams on 12/17: MIRCB 410 and BMB 211
2 on 12/18: ECON 304 and BMB 400

I think that's better than having 4 exams on four consecutive days.
In that case after exam hari ke-due, pasti simply be a zombie. Even if I finish study early pun, I can hardly sleep a night before an exam, anxious maybe.

So, to all friends in Malaysia, good luck with the remaining papers and to those in the State, all the best for the upcoming finals!


i miss:

having him climbed in my bed every morning and wake me up with his loceng mainan~

having fun with him, playing around..stand up for him if he is in a fight

being the big sister who brings him to places he wants to be, do the things he wants to do..rindu~

explaining things to him till he understand

being the one he turns to when he's afraid..i miss his hugs :(

hearing he says he chooses me over my big brother,haha.Yes, he is much loved by the whole family

him telling evreyone that he wants to be a pilot or an astronaut when he grows up..and i miss buying and reading all the books he has on planes, the outer-spaces..i miss him telling everyone that he knows we live on a planet name earth! yes, he know what planets are :)

Muhd. Aisamuddeen,
Kak Bina simply misses you. you're so rindu-able.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

to Megat

Your bday at Chilli's ngn Kunod..miss you both..omg i look fat kan mase freshmen..heee

your commencement, happy to be there :)

The farewell dinner at the Corner Room


sorry Penn State lost to Iowa Megat! haha..tp ok ape at least ko ngn Apai boleh wt lawak football korg yg psycho tu kan :p

The nampak-mcm-kt-airport pic

Although the trip was sort of memenatkan, for you, Zack, Apai, Daju and I x kisah la kan, anytime je! the trip was fun ape ;)

so take care k and do keep in touch!

owh and here is your Anuar Zain song dlm kete when you felt that Iowa had score a TD, Bila Resah..lol..and other Anuar Zain's song afterwards, miss miss *sigh*