Thursday, November 15, 2012

Niat yang baik

Is a new year on the Hijri calender. Salam Maal Hijrah to all!

New year, new resolutions. Common but I do enjoy the tradition. 1 Muharram will mark a new self for many Muslims, many wanting to be a better servant, many wanting to perfect their ibadah.

 B: Hidup I penuh irony. Dulu I tak suka Geography. It's the only subject I tak suka :( I tak suka belajar pasal kenapa gempa bumi berlaku, macam mana lava terbentuk, or hafal gunung-gunung kat mana kat peta dunia. Tapi tengok I end up dengan seorang geologist. *sigh*
A: Hidup I tak irony..I suka biology, in fact I sangat suka biology dulu.
B: Aww.

People say, niat yang baik akan dipermudahkan, InsyaAllah. Selamat berazam semua!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

LDR Confession

Long distance relationship is really not that hard to get through. All I have to do is remind myself that I may love him but he has no obligation what so ever to make me not feel the distance, I cant expect too much from him as he cant expect too much of me either. So if I do feel like Apai is not doing much while he is away, I will just say 'owh well', stop thinking about it and just let the relationship flow as it wants to. Too many example of colleagues and families that are doing long distance marriage, too many that I feel embarrassed/ashamed to constantly saying out loud I miss a man that is just a boyfriend, while others are very excepting that they need to be apart from their husband for various reasons, inspiring. Sometimes I do question myself as to why do we need to be in a relationship when we would be absolutely okay with just being friends and then get married if we wanted to.

Being the youngest in the group, I learn a lot from my colleagues that have went through my age and dilemma. I see life a little bit different, reality scares me even more now, but in a good way ;)

Confession of a first time 5km run finisher

Being able to finish a run as far as 5 km is quite an accomplishment for me, because I'm no runner or jogger. I have a gym membership at Penn State which where I only went to the the gym once! And I cant even sprint! hehe. 

I only join the run because the manager of Aranda's 5km run team is one of my closest colleagues. He was so confident I could finish the run because I was able to survive a 2 hour intensive futsal training. Yes I did survive, but the next day I was shaking! ahaha. Because I already started on my so-called diet for that week, then I didn't eat before or after the game with the hope that I can get rid of those extra fat faster. But with all the sweating, I loose too much electrolytes and the running expert deduced that that may be the reason as to why my hand was shaking. He recommended bananas and gatorade, and they worked! :) But it was all worth it, we won first place for futsal ;)

Aranda's Women Futsal team. Johan!

With the Veteran's team. Also Johan. Men's tempat ke-3, so tak boleh masuk gambar, hehe
Anyways, back to the run. It wasn't a fun run like most 5 km run are known as, because I was actually competing to finish top 5 to score some points for Aranda. I knew I needed to place but I didn't train that much for the run, I only jog the track once. I was praying that there will be some stamina left from futsal during the day of the run, hehe.  

Despite having supports from friends before the race, there was only me to motivate myself during the run.  I constantly tell myself "do not give up, do not give up, do not give up..keep on running!" And I wasn't running for anyone less but for myself, I needed to prove to myself that I can do it becuase I knew I can do it. It was all me, myself and I moment. Everyone was quite impress that I actually place, since I skip training and when I do train (once) I was the first one to walk and continue walking, heh. But that was not because I wans't able to run but I was just giving up too easily. Yesterday I really surprise myself on how good I am in motivating and pushing myself. 

I felt all brand new after the run, I was all happy, very very happy :) I FINISHED A 5KM RUN AND WAS PLACE AT FORTH!! Who would have expected, I knew I didn't. Even if I won because other runners were not actual runners or something, that's ok because I really really felt that I gave my all for the run :) I was able to give my all at something that I didn't enjoy that much with motivation from myself,yeay me.

After finishing the run, I puke! ahahaha. Felt like the whole world was going round and round..the manager asked me to take a walk, but I just sat down and felt much more better. Then I got I warning from the manager to train before a run especially when I rarely run. And I told him I might not want to enter another run (was still feeling like puking at that moment) and  he was like noooo you must stay in the team and train..haha, very encouraging manager. I didnt knew what my times was, but who cares I just wanted to finish the run and score some points for my team, and I did!

My confession is: I enjoyed my first competing run (despite telling others that I dont want to run again, I MAY actually want to continue running hehe) I learn of self motivation and of to never give up easily :)

Aranda's 5 km run team with the Director, very supportive and sporting.

4th Place W under 30, 1st Place M under 40, 1st place W under 30.  All are new research officers of BT.
I think I gain a few kgs since I started working at this research institution, free food/cheap food are abundant here. Takut nak naik scale.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

T.G.I Friday's

Hi blog! It has been a while since I sign in haven't I?

Written on 2/1/2012
After a few years together, this is like the first date post with pictures.
Apai will be heading back to Iraq this Saturday. Didn't expect that he will be sent back so soon but that's the nature of his work, complaining or crying wont help much, it's not that he is in any better position than I am. I really dont mind he have to be away, it's just that when he is unreachable or when his flight back keep on delaying or both, at times it can be very frustrating because I have all these stories to tell him and all these places I want us to go together, but he is just not there and not here either. It's natural for a girl/women to want affection, attention and appreciation. But some may need(want?) them more to the level of being too dependant on the bf that if it does not annoy the bf it might annoy those around her. And when I'm all mad that we lost contacted a day or so, he will have all these explanations that seem very valid and I would then fell bad for just thinking about myself without understanding what he has to go through there. But overall I think I have been a very understanding gf :P

Today, we should have went to see the elephants but thinking that it was a 3 days weekend, takut pula jam Lebuh Raya Karak otw home nanti, so we settle for the typical date we usually have, a movie, lunch and ice cream with a stop at Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam Agricultural Park, taking a ride in his new Chevrolet Cruze.

Impossible to finish when you already have a big meal, we gave up when we scoop more of caramel than its super delicious vanilla ice cream
Before I graduated, when people ask when do I plan to get married I would usually say "Before the end of 2012lah, sebab Dec 2012 orang cakap dunia akan berakhirkan?". Sometimes I enjoy being all innocent and giving away blondie-ish statements. But for now, there is still no plan for the big day. And I do hope that history will not repeat itself, when both Apai and I let other gets to us. But I dont mind people asking when my big day will be as I always ask others the same question too, hehe. But you can spot those who sincerely ask as their intention is to truly see you happy marrying the man you love and adore while others are just asking because they just need to know when and could careless about your happiness. Sometimes for both to be truly in love is just not enough , kalo dah tertulis dia bukan jodoh kita, nak wat macam mana kan? :) Do I feel jealous that some of my friends, cousins are engaged or married? Of course I do, but I'm more happy for them instead of feeling jealous of them actually. Weddings are blissful events, and when I attend one I would like to embrace that instead of thinking when, who, where, what my wedding will be like at that moment. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. Apai is one happy guy for having a girlfriend that seldom talks about marriage, aint you sayang? :) Take care in Iraq, I'll be missing you more every single day.

Stay tune for events at the workplace! Some of the events, I really want them to be posted here, as memories.