Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Break (part 2) : PSU vs MSU

Saturday, Nov 23 2008

wlaupun kesejukan it was worth it, really worth it.
Nittany Lions were at their best, scoring and making a huge gap between us and MSU that we get the chance to see the second team and third team play! comel ok mereka. Joe Pa is a great coach not caring much about the scores yet giving other teams besides the first team play.
and the company I had with me were fun too, I had my babe there, Egy and Ada was lovely too taking pictures of us and we were shivering together, lepaking in the toilet for warmth, haha..Far was not really with us, ngn B name sbnr kot, heee..the guys were sweet too, trying to keep us all warm. yeah that was memorable too.

but singing 'we are the champion' song together at the end of the game after winning the Big Ten Champion Title was an irreplaceable moment, who know when will i be there again in Beaver Stadium to do that. kan?

greattttt experience! Good Luck to the Nittany Lions in the Rose Bowl!

on the way to the game, yes it snowed the day before!

kesejukan di stadium

the winning moment!2008 will be on the wall soooon~

Penn Staters are the best: Sim-Ada-Bina-Fifi-Egy-Ajmal-Apai

to the one who gave me the ticket: thank you, very much.
owh we won: 49-18

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