Wednesday, November 11, 2009


because I stayed up yesterday night, I made nasi ayam at 4.00 am today.

No, I was not scared cooking alone at 4 in the morning with the window open..ok tipu, the window was closed. Rumah sedikit berbau.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ohio State vs Penn State

Wake up yesterday..LATE, but very excited of the game.

Went there with the babes, Egy, Zack and Alot..Met up with Mao and Gokun later at the stadium. Everyone else wanted to wait for Asar. We were in the stadium like 45 minutes early and dah ddk sec ECU (high seats) row 68! Tinggi gler kot. Settle down kjp and prayed Asar on the bleacher, elok2 plak tu matahari terbenam depan mata, so yeah yakinlah dengan arah kiblatnya.

The girlfriends

OSU and PSU, 45 minutes before kick off

The weather was nice, wlaupun silau but it was not that annoying. Then kick off, the defense team did great, like macam ada harapan lah ni. But then during Penn State first drive, first play, Daryl dah kena sack, like whatttt, what was the O-line people doing?? darnnn mengecewakan gler. And Royster can't run the ball, x grk manalah kan.Then OSU touchdown plak LIKE 3 MINUTES IN THE GAME. Downnnnn.

When Penn State TD in the second quarter, not much of a celebration pun for me sbb x nmpk mcm TD pun, it was reviewed and yup a TD it was..but stillll..*sigh* then Penn State sayuran all the way, ALL THE WAY. X fahamlah why..there were some good play though esp bila Daryl baling bola before kena sack and no 5 tangkap for first down (rasanyalah no 5 sbb no 5 macam kesukaan rmai je smlm, menyambut bola dgn hebatnya)that was like fuuhhh.

Tapi kesimpulannya Ohio played great, Pryor baling bola cantik je to their wide receivers, unstoppable by Penn State defense team. Penn State? I dont know maybe special team kena hebat skit kot, Ohio asyik return punt jauh je smlm. Offense team cuba try passing game plak since running macam x mantap je, x pun silalah upkan running game. QB pun janganlah takut2 nak baling bola ey. Defense team pun, ksianlah kt fans, we were screaming for like a whole 2 minutes but then Ohio dapat first down plak.

Well, we left when the score was 7-24, tak kan nak stay and hear "WE ARE..OHIO STATE" what Iowa did when they won kn.

Sunset and then nightfall (pics credit to Mao and Gokun)

Although Northwestern berjaya kalahkan Iowa, still bye-bye Big Ten Championship title 2009.

maafkanlah if this post on football is very amateur, I'm no football expert, just a Penn State Nittany Lions HAMPIR die hard fan (wlaupun x hafal name smua player but I do remember their no and positions! heh)

Next week, let's all together pergi game ey wlaupun dah kalah semalam, last game of the season plus it's SENIOR DAY!! Yang x de tiket maybe can try cari.
Although maybe we're not going to Rose bowl, let's embrace the moment together like last season's final game MSU-PSU :)

and owh Apai, missed you at the game yesterday.

Back I am :)

Hellooooooo readers, wow 5 months without an update,

I know some people were like "Bina, kenapa private blog?". No worries there's not any drama-like or terlalu personal post that I dont want to share at this blog, hidup agak aman sentosa..It's simply because..SABRINA, MALAS NAK UPDATE!:D

I learn from the bf angkatlah ni, dia kata kalo x update baik privatekan je.

Quick updates (I know asyik quick updates je kan, heh:
Classes are hard but fun,
Exams are stressful but..erm no but mmg stressful pun,
independent research is STRESSFUL,
home is miss,
I'm 22!
weather is crazy,
uuuu raya dah lepas dah,
luminous bacteria!
health is 'pink' despite a visit to the doctor for a bacteria infection in the throat and the banyak-ness of orang sakit,
football..hurmmm...a long *sigh*

what else? idk! life is treating me pretty fair :)