Saturday, June 21, 2008

Croatia's lost.

devastated. more devastated than losing the last game at Midwest. kecewa. Turki scoring di dlm mase kecederaan di dalam masa tambahan after a one minute lead by Croatia is~...i dont know, unacceptable, amat frustrating..?

getting even in a game that way and then losing through penalty shots is just heartbreaking. H.E.A.R.T.B.R.E.A.K.I.N.G, HEARTBREAKING i say.

11.15 PM
I'm not really a Selangor fan, i'm sticking with since dh duk Selangor sepastinye nk Selangor menang in their game yg not against Pahang tu laaa Selangor kalah plk Piala FA mlm ni..after cubaan bermati-matian plk tu..*sigh*..dua kali kecewa hari ni~

n since when i'm into soccer ni?? i dont know, it just happen k.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

No 10. Adrian Mutu

So Romania lost in today's game against Netherlands, I am not their fan for Euro tp ksian Mutu, he tried so hard to score a goal, the camera keep on focusing on his frustrated face, but luck was not with the team and the dutch played competently although without their kesebelasan utama. And the penalty Mutu missed in the last game..hurmm..he must be disappointed amat, it could have lead Romania to quareter-finals. But hey that is football rite? Lgpun if he scores that penalty who knows Italy may score two more goals afterwards, x ke?
n owh Mutu altough you are the most tattooed member of the Romania squad; you're indubitable kacak ok.

So there was no drama in group C, Netherlands did not let Romania win just to singkirkan Italy and France. Fair enough.

n Croatia no more game yg hambar like you played against Poland dh k, play a game that is worth watching please

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


so i went to PD last weekend bersama close relatives and everyone was like 'Bina, knp dh glp skit ni..?''Owh, main bola' i replied.

Too many people asking, Papa then said, 'Biarlah dia gelap, kenapa nak cerah2?' I know papa knows i had too many comment already about being a tone darker than biasa!haha.. Thank you father.

so Izzarief and Sabriza dont give me that surprise look because dh glp when we meet nnt k!

Grad Dinner (before Midwest)

Sunburn after 3 games under terik matahari.

Midwest Night, masih sunburn.

Yet, I'm thankful for the active melanin in my skin; lowering the risk of skin cancer! n owh sape ntah yg put that idea in our minds that being fairer is beautiful-er?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pantas berlalu

so today i chat with an incoming freshmen this fall. she asked me what year will i'll be this fall? Junior, i said. Tetiba terasa masa berlalu dgn begitu pantas. dh junior okay this coming Fall.

my assignment 4 for art003 was a disaster. Given seven days, on the seventh day at 7pm (US-Eastern time) baru nak wat. I envy those who does not procrastinate.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


owh today i was trusted by my parents to sign my sister's, Yaya, report card at her school. After the long wait outside of the class, mengadap matahari plk tu, a teacher came and ask the boys to place the chairs outside the class ke dalam class.fuuuh.after waiting like 30 minutes (yes, i choose to come at the wrong time, rmai amat ibu bapa yg prihatin!) i meet her teacher. the teacher of course trkjt ah kan, so i told her I was Adriana's sister.n she went 'ooo'. being in the first class, no 7 out of 42 students, i think she did well tp Yaya, i know u can do better k. owh did i mention, the boys in the class were amat nakal! main lari2, langgar2 org, main ultraman, main lwn2 with the dustbins..sigh..some thgs never change kan.

after meet the teacher session, sggh kantin sekolah, kantin dulu dan sekarang still look the same with the long window counter with variety of foods and kuih, tempat jual air seperated a little bit far from the counter, the long tables and chairs, the berbagai2 sign on the boards - doa makan, time is golden, cucilah tgn sebelum mkn, jagalah kebersihan kantin kita. I actually already had my lunch mase tu but still bkn slalu mkn kt kantin skolah! haha..So, I had nasi lemak, roti sausage, air laici dan jambu batu ngn asam.

n before we went home, singgah McD sekejap, i had a sundae, STRAWBERRY. nyum! McD in State College, please ah ada sundae strawberry juga k nnt.
and after finish eating, on the way out, i picked up my tray to clear the table, n my sis was like,

Nana:Bina, awk nk pg mane ngn tray tu?'
Bina: 'Haaa, nk kms ah, x yh kms ke?'
Nana:'Knp awk rjn sgt ni, nnt abg tu kms laaa'..pointing with her eye to a McD worker who was cleaning tables there

mcm awkard je mkn kt McD then x yh kms.

Friday, June 6, 2008

tissue culture

WARNING: if you're no where close to a Biology major..this post may bore you, x tipu..but if u have that little interest to know a little bit more about my major do read.

So Papa called just now asking me to specify my field of interest for my undergraduate training at his office..i was clueless for a moment, i mean it's been a month since i left school, i can hardly remember any terms that involve technologies or skills in the field of Biotech! so I told my father, I'll call him back.

So I went to MPOB homepage to see the courses they could offer, i know i should visit it first before deciding to do my undergraduate training there kan..but yeah, sometimes i do take things too easy, so under Biology Research Division there were groups involve with:

Gene Expression: the process by which inheritable information from a gene, such as the DNA sequence is made into a functional gene product such as protien or RNA.

Transformation: genetic alteration of a cell resulting from the uptake, genomic incorporation, and expression of foreign genetic material (DNA).

Genomics: the study of an organism's entire genome. The field includes intensive efforts to determine the entire DNA sequence of organisms and fine-scale genetic mapping efforts.

Tissue Culture: the growth of tissue and/or cells separate from the organism.

Metabolics: pathways involve in metabolism

and Genetics and Breeding.

i would die to work with the transformation team, getting first hand experience dealing with DNA (x kshlaa if it's only oil palmnye DNA) and then suka2 hati je alterkan all the genes and see the results, haha...transformation itself sounds interesting okay..but takutlaa, i just took lecture courses on how to alter gene, how then to amplify it and then incorporated it into the genome..blum msk lab lg..x nk lah risk the whole groupnye work just because i am inexperience tp wt2 tau plk kan.

so i decided to do tissue culture, cloning on an agar or brooth je pun, wouldn't be that hard.

the skills i gain from my microbiology lab would be enough..hopefully~


training with teamates before Midwest
(pics credit to Bart)

so I joined this team, Sailormoon. we played soccer. we train everyday..well not everyday, nearly everyday two weeks before Midwest Games. we were trained by two coach, Apai and Mamat and we had a really cool captain, Zack. harapan tinggi untuk menang midwest although our coaches said we didn't play as a team yet, training pun malas...ish~

so well yg pntg itu semangat btul x? tp smgt itu sort of hilang bila smpai to our field that we had to was Big! i mean besar amat, it's real soccer man! not futsal or what so ever. dh ah main under the hot sun! the guys mcm x percye our field was big, bile lht sendri baru tau..we were whining for a reason okayyy, bkn mengade2, lol~

so our first match was against Illinois - klh 0-2, but hey the Illini played well.
second match against Chi Warriors - klh 0-3, bola mereka tggi!hebatness.
against vandy - wlaupun diura-urakan mereka bermain ksr, tp x lah, okay je, they score one goal the last minute.
and our last match, against the Illini again, we lost penalti..but it was a great game, the best of four.

if you were expecting for a happy ending ilke we won somethg during Midwest..well no, we lost! tmpt ke-4 dr 4 team, heee.

here's some excuses for our lost:
1. the field was big and we played with 6 players only!
2. we were not expecting to play outdoor! kate indoor kt website..ish~
3. we did not have enough supporters cheering us at the game~
4. and did i i tell you..the field was big!

well, basicly we lost because lack of training and stamina.

but it was a great experience, except for the sunburn yg amat truk ah kan, I even score one goal during penalti against Illinois, fun!

btul org kate, blum cuba blum tau, I enjoyed playing soccer.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


that's how much Thaksin Shinawatra is willing to pay for Ronaldinho to play for his club (Man City).

gler ah!i dont know how business goes around in the soccer world tp isn't that too much? he's already the most paid footballer x ke?

EURO 2008 is just around the corner, i'll be rooting for Croatia, no 19.Niko Kranjcar to be exact.

well no, us girls dont just watch football because of the player, mesti lah because of the excitement of the game..mase game pun bkn slalu pun focus on our fav player..btul x? liking a player just add to that excitement. and some of us mmg gler2 minat bola,haaaa. so guys do respect those who are really into football k, x baik merendah-rendahkan mereka.

but i'm not a die hard fan of any club, i was once into Man U mase Beckham ade, well obviously he was amat charming on the field to not to be notice ah kan..when he transfered to Real Madrid, the interest sort of fade, but looking at the glorious season Man U had last 2 season winning the Premier League Champions and UEFA Champions League, i might as well root for Man U again, lol..i choose to stay true to the team now, and not a single player.

and yes, although i'm not that updated but i do know a little bit about football okay, dont be suprise.


Happy birthday Abg Amir!

sorry I wasn't there when the whole family surprised you.
so dont be a bully at home dah k!dah 22, grow up!lol~
and owh may forever happy ngn Kak Dayah

and enough acting like you dont know i love u, mengade~