Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outdoor tour

The delays, in the end, it's really 'blurghhhh...malas nak layan', especially when it's already the third delay.

Apai's 7th week in Iraq.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hospital Putrajaya

People, never ever miss your appointment at Hospital Putrajaya because once you do, it may take you forever to reschedule over the phone. I called on Thursday, diorang cakap diorang busy, sruh call esok petang, I called esok petang, diorang really? Then called today, it took nearly 10 minutes to reach the person in charge. And if you are expecting the person in charge ada belas kasihan kat anda, jangan haraplah, diorang akan bagi another appointment yang jarak dia 6 bulan without even first asking how is your current condition. Even if you say that your condition is not that good, diorang akan cakap "tapi kita pun ramai lagi pesakit lain", again without asking how bad is that not good. People always say kita kena memahami mereka yang kerja hospital kerajaan ni, diorang terlalu ramai pesakit, if yes pun reschedulelah based on the severity of the pateient, not really of kekosongan slot yang ada, at least asklah the condition of the patient, tunjukkanlah sedikit keperihatinan.  The government should seriously do something about this, they really need to increase the no of doctors, so that more slot can be open, and doctors tak patut complain ok sebab dulu masa interview scholorship, mesti ramai yang cakap nak berbakti kepada masyarakat dan negara, nak membantu orang susah..soooo tunaikanlah segala janji2 manis tu.

Actually, I had already been to a few check ups at a private medical centre, it's just that, my mom wanted to get a second opinion from a public hospital and I really wanted to experience the government hospital services first hand, like is it really that bad as people say? So I'm just going to share some of my experiences and some things that I observed while I was a patient at Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya and Hospital Putrajaya:

1) Di Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya, lepas amek no. nak jumpe GP memang lama gler kena tunggu. Kesian sangat, not for melah, I'll do fine with a good book, tapi kepada yang anak kecil dan orang-orang dan mereka yang berkerusi roda.

2) The first doctor I met was quite attentive and funny, I like him a lot. The second doctor that I met for my medical check up untuk lantikan tu, tak check pun certain mende, simply tick je, dia tak check mata, dia tak check telinga, dia tak check nerve system by doing the test ketuk2 tu kan, tapi tick smuanya ok. And when  I said I felt uncomfortable at the left side of my lower abdomen, dia cakap tu maybe tu angin je. Kecewa betul.

3) Doktor Pakar dia ok tapi dia tak nak terima patient ramai2. Kesian ade this one mak cik tgh sakit sgt telinga dia tapi doctor tak nak jumpe, pastu orang yang jaga kaunter tu cakap, 'Kalo makcik tak tahan sangat, mak cik boleh pergi emergency room sbb kitorg tak de appoitment dalam masa terdekat untuk jmpe doctor'' Sedih sangat! Kesian pak cik dan mak cik tu, even mak cik tu nangis pun, nurse yang jaga kaunter tu wat dunno je dan wat-wat busy. Ei sangat tak berperikemanusian. Kesian mak cik dan pak cik, datang jauh2 sebab sakit tapi dilayan macam tu. Tak boleh terima betul. Mmbencikan betul orang yang jaga kaunter tu, orang tua kot, bagi jelah jumpe doctor.

4) Pastu jmpe audiologist, dia baik tapi I think dia lack pengetahuan. Dia recommended laser treatment for my tinnitus sedangkan tinnitus ni boleh je dibaikkan dengan cara lain, I know because I did my own research. And when I asked about this one treatment I read on the net, dia cakap dia tak pernah tau pun treatment tu..sedangkan it is a really common treatment for tinnitus..trus down dah tak nak percaya hospital kerajaan dah.

6) And gap from one appointment from another appointment is 4 months. My appointments at the private medical centre were every two weeks which then went to once a month. When the doctor was quite sure that I can stop my medication and all I need was enough rest, doctor pun tak schedule anymore appointments dah. Did I think the frequent appointments were necessary? Not really, but I like seeing my doctor :)

7) Then the rescheduling as cerita di atas. After I hang up the phone, well she was the one who hang up first, I made a silent prayer thay may she feels what I was feeling right now and what the mak cik di atas was feeling, may her mother or daughter miss an appointment and bila dia nak reschedule dia akan dilayan dengan cara yang sama, haaa baru dia tahu, baru dia tahu betapa sedih, kecewa dan sakitnya hati bila organisasi yang kita percaya akan jaga kita, boleh anggap kesihatan diri kita ni or of our loved ones tak berharga. But of course I continued praying that nothing bad will happen to her mother and daughterlah if she did face the situation.

If there is anything to change at the gov hospital definitely the act of 'I dont care, ko yang sakit bukan aku' di kalangan kakitangannya.