Sunday, September 21, 2008

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so i've been listening to this song by Plain White T's, comel amat, suka.

it's from their new album, Big Bad World, which will be release on Sept 23rd.

give it a listen, cute isn't it?

Monday, September 15, 2008

a pet turtle

have i told you that this semester i have no class on tuesday and my last class end at 2.15 on other days. so since my housemates classes slalu habis lmbt and Peyya like to study at the library a lot, slau je rase keseorangan di rumah which is not good since i will be wasting my time in front of the tv. yes, i'm a normal person. so i've thought of getting a pet! i love rabbits A LOT but yeah mesti la x boleh jage kt apartment kan. next choice was a hamster tp since a hamster's cage need to be clean everyday i skip that idea. then i was thinking of a turtle, hoping that it would be easy to take care of. then tgk project runway and then one of the contestant's son have a pet turtle! so i was like ok sure i want a pet turtle. a good looking one.

so I did my research online looking for the perfect turtle. and one interesting fact that i found was that my pet may live longer than i do and that i must find someone to past it own later. i told him on the way to the pet shop and he was like "mcm bela hantu je"..hahaha..true.

is not that easy actually to take care of a turtle. it does require a lot of attention. it need a home with certain temperature, it need a place to dig holes if it is a land turtle, a water turtle of course need lot of spaces to swim. they need a place to bask. so that requires a UV-B fluorescent light. food lagi, filter aquarium lagi (if jage water turtle) i wasn't really sure at first but i decided that mybe a tour at a pet shop can help me decide.

so firstly we went to Petco.

i was searching for small turtles yg x de la bsr sgt and i would prefer a land one so that die bleh main2 kt ats carpet nnt.

box-turtle: a land turtle

red-eye slider: a water turtle

I feel sorry for water turtles that likes to swim since i'm not going to get a very big aquarium kot tp he loves them, he loves to see them swim. tp tu laaa adorable je turtle yg berenang2 dlm aquarium tu~

tp kt Petco x byk sgt choices of pets. turtle pun ade two jenis je. common ones. red-eye slider ngn russian turtle. but they were lots of fishes, and hamsters, and mice! comelllll~

then he decided mybe it'll be worth our time to check out another pet shop which i never knew exist la kan. he was being very supportive about me getting a pet, thanks! and yeah i guess things are getting better slowly day by day~

there, byk skit la jenis turtle die tp still x de yg kecik, the size that i want tp this shop unlike petco ade kucing! those cats were for adoption, and they were sort of gloomy, we can see it in their eyes. sdih je, dh lah sgt comel. so main2 kjp ngn kucing. but i'm not a big fan of cats, it's not that i dont like them, suke je tp i prefer to kianat cats. bila cats nk bermanja, malas nk lyn tp bila diorg like sombong mesti force kucing to play.haha..i know. it sounds psychotic kan. but i dont hate cats. it's just that i prefer rabbits than cats. And if Zack dtg sini pun mesti die akn menangis kegembiraan melihat kucing2 yg byk and comel2! Zack nnt kita pg this place k wlaupun kita x kan adopt tp boleh main2 ngn kucing, i know u love cats yg sgt1000x tu kan

although i did not find the right turtle as a pet but today was still fun. i miss my past.

and i'm not sure i want to adopt a water turtle ke x, since tu je currently available kt State Collge, will decide mybe by the end of next week since next week will be a very busy week with exams and lab reports.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

BF angkat

when i was in INTEC Nad, Zack and I do a lot of ntah-ape-apenye stuff just for fun.i dont know we were young and didn't really care what others have to say about us. and one of the stuff we did was finding each other a bf angkat. cant really remember how that idea came up with but yeah Nad and Zack thinks that Safwan would be a great bf angkt for me and I still remember asking Safwan, 'Safwan, ko nk x jd bf angkat aku x' and he said yes! i know it's so ntah ape2 kan..haha. Well, before that Safwan and I were already close, well we were all close to him. ntah, die suka kaco kitorg, kitorg pun suka kaco die. Nad's bf angkt was Saini and Zack's was Helmi. again i know it's ntah ape2 kan.

but yeah although Nad's and Zack's 'relationship' did not work that well, mine and Safwan's went steady. he still holds the title of Sabrina's bf angkat and i'm his gf angkat after 3 years! no one ever ask if we're going to end up together because it's just obvious were close friends. i have my own relationships and he has his own. who says a guy and a girl can't be close friends? bleh je

we've been through a lot, he tell me stuff, i told him stuff. although he sometimes just listen without giving any advice everytime i told him my problems but he is just a good listener, i know die pun serba salah x tau nk cakap ape kan, but he sure know how to make me laugh with his ntah ape2nye comment about someone or somethg..haha.

owh yes, Safwan has this habit of clinging to girls and sgtlah manja that sometimes u want to shake him and say Safwan..MATANGLAH!!..haha..but that what's make him him and i'm totally ok with it..he has lots of other better qualities to focus on like he cares for me i know, when everyone turn their back on me or when i didn't want my gfs to know about certain stuff, it's to he i can cry to

so i dont care org nk ckp ntah ape2 je bf angkt and gf angkt sbb it is mmg ntah ape2 pun but it's ntah ape2 in a good way in my point of view and that's all that matters kan.


okay updates! gosh, true it is di kala busy barulah found some time to update..wellllll spnjg minggu ni was hari membuat kuih! jom check out some pics:

berbuka puasa di umah Alot. So we brought apam balik to their place, since dh slalu sgt wt apam balik, there's no pic, heee. next time wat, i think in the nearest time akn wt kot, i'll put up some pics k

beras pulut+air+pewarna hijau, later santan was added and no we didn't kukus the pulut, we just mirowave-d it! it's call lopez perantau *wink*

out from the microwave, kena bentukkan the lopez using plastic wrappers, owh peyya was good at this! yg besar and kurang indah tu org lain yg wt besides peyya *grin*

then guling2kan the lopez dlm kelapa, this was the fun part! knowing that the lopez was done :)

tada! dh siap dh wt it's air gula, this were to be sent to 202+203. u guys are lucky to have us neighbors k! lol.

kuih lapis!
x jadi sgt i know!haha..mmg lembik pun, i guess i pour in every lapis cepat sgt kot or the pengukus just refuse to co-operate with me but the taste was not that bad, so i gave us a B+ for this first attempt!

Wednesday and Thursday, no kuih since I was not in the mood of doing so.

again Lopez and this time berbuka puasa di Graduates- Haleem, Zam, Zul, Fawwaz and Sim's place. Thanks korg, never thought there'll be an invitation dr korg, hehe.

Seri muka for College Park's potluck! Nysa was the main finally ade pun potluck, still remember last Ramadhan usually Dele would ajk2 potluck ni, hurm miss him.

this is just the pulut part. it took nearly two hours kot for the seri muka to be fully cooked after the pandan layer was added on top of it. so by then dh x smpt amek gmbr ah kan, trus je mkn, heee.

owh wait, if u look carefully in this pic, ade kuih seri muka tersebut (on the blue plate)

tepung pelita!
ini pun like kuih lapis, turn out lembik tp sedap (okay, i didnt say so but others did ;))

i keep forgetting i have a blog, so that explain the lack of pics in everything i do. Safwan, i know u only reads blog with pics kan, nnt amek byk2 gmbr k

to housemates: thank u for being amat supportive dlm membuat kuih and memuji kuih juge

Saturday, September 13, 2008


my housemates, Peyya and Nysa are into Soduku right now..i mean Peyya plg dasyat ah, haha.

so everyday peyya will do her soduku while waiting for berbuka while nysa and i akan dengan rajinnya distract her and demotivated her..hehe..while sometimes we use some reverse psychology like yesterday.

Peyya dgn yakinnya berkata 'aku akan siapkan soduku ni hari ni juge, kalo x siap, nnt bwk Abbit pg kerja' and Nysa and I were like okay peyya we'll see ;)

so she work at 12pm and around 11.30pm she gets ready to go to work and ttbe je she pack Abbit in her backpack!haha..and I just smiled and Nysa dh ksian kt peyya and ckp she can just bring Fifi (Pao's girrafe) which is much smaller than Abbit (ni pun Pao yg bg kt Peyya)..but I was like Nysaaaa, x nakkkk biar je Peyya bwk Abbit and she did!

Peyya packing her Abbit, ya Abbit mmg sgt besar

Abbit at work, owh peyya work at the library

Peyya, work harder on the sudoku..remember day by day the Collegian's sudoku is harder! bkn same je the whole week :p

Thursday, September 4, 2008


dh 3 hari puasa and alhamdullilah everything is ok.

i have the loveliest housemates, first day of Ramadhan, Peyya and Nysa cook me tom yam since I was craving for it ( i know i crave a lot of food lately, heee). thanks korang.

so here's the first day of Ramadhan menu:
tom yam

sayur goreng by Nysa. owh yes Nysa suka ptg2 and grg2 sayur :)

and since Peyya went to the farmer's market this week, she bought a watermelon, so yeah we had watermelon juice that day :)

owh selamat berpuasa smua.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a weekend at penn state

wake up at 8.30, watched TV, received a phone call from Rizalman inviting to his place for puding roti..i mean puding roti die sdp gler okay, so of course i said yes :)..owh Dajunye puding roti pun sedap juge ;)..continued watching TV and then egy called offering her football ticket..since i was so comfortable lazying around on the couch, it took me nearly 30 seconds to say yes, i mean helloooo as a penn stater u should say yes the very moment someone offer u a FREE football ticket; x ksh laaa sape yg Nittany Lions go against that day kotttt, heeee.

11.45am: Zack, Budin, Far, Daju, Ada and I walk to the stadium from Park Hill, it wasn't that far and i enjoy walking nowadays thanks to my fitness walking class!:) met up with Mao, Ajmal, Nabil and was a long queue outside the stadium, i've never went to a game before except for the blue and white games so i wasn't aware if it was like that all the time..queuing so long before we could enter the stadium but since it was cloudy, x ksh pun. .because of the long queue, we missed the first quarter and the moment we step on the bench, ttbe je mathari kluar..and it was hot..amat!! but yeah the game was fun since the Nittany Lions were leading all the time, by the end of the third quarter, around 2.30 we decided to go back since we can no longer stand the heat and we were already sure to win against coastal coralina and we did 66 somethg, cant remember, well yg pntg kitorg mng!;D

full stadium, yup, we Penn Staters heart our Nittany Lions

told you so it was hot, people were taking off their clothes everywhere!

the guys were busy cheering and yes we were busy taking pics!;D

thanks Egy for the ticket!

after the game went to McD..i was craving filet o fish and McD sundae! sedap gler bila makan..aaaa. and then went back to college park and lepak umah Zharif , Tinie ngn Wan. blk bilik kjp then siap2 to Rizalman's with Zack, Bart and Apai. He cooked kueh taw for us but i didnt eat that much although smua ckp sdp because i was waiting for the puding roti!heee..and yes sdp gler, sukeee. thanks Rizalman ;)

then after makan2 went to see the guys play soccer since Apai was with us, kick the ball a few times, testing back the skills during Midwest, gladly it was still there :)
went back home again for Maghrib and then after Isyak siap2 pegi main basketball plak kt rec hall. fun!haha..i do find sport fun k ;)

then around 11 blk umah balik, type an email for MASA and then went to the Graduates plk for pizza and games..we played mafia, sakai, and bluff..haha playing this game was never not fun. for the first time ever i back stabbed someone during the game and it was a shocked to everyone, i mean they were really shocked..haha..i need to do what i need to do to let the mafias win! i played bluff for the first time and yes i was a loser at it. first time main byk gler card at hand okayyy..second time main with Apai's guidance, 2nd place out of 7 players! gembiraaa..sbb Hadi was like bising2 i had a lot card mula2..haha..i miss those days when we can just just gather and ketawa without worrying about studies~

and went home at 5.30 and slept at 7! wake up nearly 12 and the next day continue with MASA-PSU'S AGM.

pics are cdt to: Afifi and Zack.


that's the current number of Malaysians here in Penn State. We received 83 new students, some are freshmen some are sophomores, i know that's a whole lot, Vandy pun one batch x rmai mcm ni kan. so meet them on Sunday at MASA-PSU's AGM, i didn't really get the chance to know them since i wasn't really friendly myself. and yes i let go of my post as MASA's secretary 07-08 during the meeting, sad it was but i do believe Yaya can do a better job than i did. Overall, I'm quite satisfied being with 07-08 committee; we did had a glorious year, please refer to Afifi's blog for full stories, heee. we could not have done it without the help of all the members too. thank u to all and all the best to the new MASA-PSU 08-09 committee!

MASA-PSU's committee 07-08.

and owh we took our salam perantauan pic too at Old Main, here there are:
124 of us
zoom 1
zoom 2
zoom 3

may we all bond together and may no drama will be seen!

pics are cdt to: Bart!