Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Break (part 3) : Boston

Monday, Nov 22
off to Boston!
I didn't really know what the plan was since i was the follower this time. Luckily, I was in the same car with the planners, Syahir and Zul! Zul tried to keep the plan a secret, but you know, I took a peek at the map quest, heee.
so the road trip was to Yale University-Brown University-Boston-Syracuse-Rit-Buffalo-Niagara Falls-SC.
but we didn't made it to Brown and Syracuse yet it was still fun!

carmates: Egy, Apai, Syahir aka Ca'ei and Zul. Amazingly, we didn't gossip one bit, nothing really, we just sang all along and yeah laughing at the guys jokes, it's impressive how they can turn ANYTHING and EVERYTHING into something to laugh about kan?


first stop was Yale! yeay! That was the only university that I really care going at first but by the end of the trip i was thankful that i got a chance to vist Harvard and MIT too and see how different they are from us Penn State. I mean there are smart, very smart people there. sape yg pegi MIT should surely contact Hassan..tour guide yg berjaya!

downtown New Haven, Connecticut

then straight away to Boston, check in our hotel..dinner BK and off to the town. Sejuk ok, x tipu mase trun kreta but for the sake of the picture yg indah with Bart's camera, bare with it je la kan. but it was worth it. :)

1st: Everyone, 2nd: Juniors and Daju ( do click click click on the pictures for better viewing and wow-ness ;))

Tuesday, Nov 23
It was raining, so firstly make a stop at the Red Sox ballpark (Fenway Park), then went to MIT, Harvard University and Hassan then took us to Anthony's Pier 4 for Lobster! a litttle bit expensive, i think we paid more for the atmosphere of the restaurant than the food thenselves, yet bila lagi nk mkn kt Pier something2 ngn kawan2 kan!lol

at Fenway Park, my bad for not remembering the player's name of the statue

Anthony's Pier 4

to Hassan yg baik hati, if you are reading this (which I doubt he does): thank you very much for your time and hospitality k, it was really nice knowing you :)

Wednesday, Nov 24
went to Quincy Market, paid $23 for an hour parking, mahal x teragak okayyy and then headed to RIT! I was expeceting to meet Pao and Ecah la kan tapi mereka di NYC pula! but still meet some ATU 12 there and Abg Hafiz also, it was nice catching up a bit with everyone :)

at Quincy Market with Egy

with RIT-ians :)