Friday, November 14, 2008


i miss:

having him climbed in my bed every morning and wake me up with his loceng mainan~

having fun with him, playing around..stand up for him if he is in a fight

being the big sister who brings him to places he wants to be, do the things he wants to do..rindu~

explaining things to him till he understand

being the one he turns to when he's afraid..i miss his hugs :(

hearing he says he chooses me over my big brother,haha.Yes, he is much loved by the whole family

him telling evreyone that he wants to be a pilot or an astronaut when he grows up..and i miss buying and reading all the books he has on planes, the outer-spaces..i miss him telling everyone that he knows we live on a planet name earth! yes, he know what planets are :)

Muhd. Aisamuddeen,
Kak Bina simply misses you. you're so rindu-able.

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