Friday, November 14, 2008


The conflict exams were finally settled, so:

2 exams on 12/17: MIRCB 410 and BMB 211
2 on 12/18: ECON 304 and BMB 400

I think that's better than having 4 exams on four consecutive days.
In that case after exam hari ke-due, pasti simply be a zombie. Even if I finish study early pun, I can hardly sleep a night before an exam, anxious maybe.

So, to all friends in Malaysia, good luck with the remaining papers and to those in the State, all the best for the upcoming finals!


i miss:

having him climbed in my bed every morning and wake me up with his loceng mainan~

having fun with him, playing around..stand up for him if he is in a fight

being the big sister who brings him to places he wants to be, do the things he wants to do..rindu~

explaining things to him till he understand

being the one he turns to when he's afraid..i miss his hugs :(

hearing he says he chooses me over my big brother,haha.Yes, he is much loved by the whole family

him telling evreyone that he wants to be a pilot or an astronaut when he grows up..and i miss buying and reading all the books he has on planes, the outer-spaces..i miss him telling everyone that he knows we live on a planet name earth! yes, he know what planets are :)

Muhd. Aisamuddeen,
Kak Bina simply misses you. you're so rindu-able.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

to Megat

Your bday at Chilli's ngn Kunod..miss you both..omg i look fat kan mase freshmen..heee

your commencement, happy to be there :)

The farewell dinner at the Corner Room


sorry Penn State lost to Iowa Megat! ok ape at least ko ngn Apai boleh wt lawak football korg yg psycho tu kan :p

The nampak-mcm-kt-airport pic

Although the trip was sort of memenatkan, for you, Zack, Apai, Daju and I x kisah la kan, anytime je! the trip was fun ape ;)

so take care k and do keep in touch!

owh and here is your Anuar Zain song dlm kete when you felt that Iowa had score a TD, Bila other Anuar Zain's song afterwards, miss miss *sigh*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ke Euro jom!

dh beli ticket to UK!
$313.15! (yes, round-ticket and non-stop!)
Hopefully everything will go well with my e-ticket, amin.

and my heart was pounding fast while I was filling in the reservation since I knew I'll be travelling alone this time. A.L.O.N.E.
smua salah Safwan.