Friday, November 14, 2008


The conflict exams were finally settled, so:

2 exams on 12/17: MIRCB 410 and BMB 211
2 on 12/18: ECON 304 and BMB 400

I think that's better than having 4 exams on four consecutive days.
In that case after exam hari ke-due, pasti simply be a zombie. Even if I finish study early pun, I can hardly sleep a night before an exam, anxious maybe.

So, to all friends in Malaysia, good luck with the remaining papers and to those in the State, all the best for the upcoming finals!


  1. daju ade exam on friday..
    sedih x?
    dh senior pn friday baru abes final..

  2. heee..sdih jgk ah Daju. finals x mengenal seniority nampkanye :p

    tp Daju, u're like a semester away je dr Grad!!

  3. thanks! :)
    goodluck to you too!

  4. gooooodluck nak exam!!
    do ur best and lets Allah takes care of the rest.
    study hard giler2 nnti kite beronggeng giler2 plak :D