Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Break (part 5) : Mt Nittany!

setelah sekian lama x involve in outdoor activities, went hiking!
seronok and overly excited at first pun ade. *grin*
went there with some friends..Gamat pun ade jugak!!
Luckily amek class fitness walking kot, x de la like semput2 sgt mase hiking, well it was not that hard actually..and Gamat and Apai, lead us all the way, cemerlang je..and of course Syahir was always there making share everyone is ok

it wasn't that cold yet the path was snowy, kasut basah and all but it was all worth it. cantik juga scenary di atas.
i miss hiking and camping a lot, sgt amat.

to Mr Savior-of-the-day, thank you for lending your hand..promise akan pkai proper shoes bila hiking lain kali!
to Taufiq, thanks for initiating this Mt Nittany hike k and also for all the pictures (Bart, trima ksh juge!), Yellowstone National Park plak jom.
Snowy pictures, suka.

Kami & Mt Nittany

jump jom!

rindu Thanksgiving break and the people.


  1. makasih biena for being a good host.. huhuhu.. lenkli kter wat sejam je naik n turun nittanaty mountain

  2. Babe, kan dah pernah pegiiiii~

    Gamat, rindu nk tgk ko TEKUN membuat hw!!lol
    jom jom, jom dtg sini lagi.