Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A person to thank

So last Friday, we held our Midwest Dinner at Penn Stater Hotel.
It was nice to gather together and celebrate our triumph.
Maybe only us, Penn Staters who really understand how momentous it was to win the Midwest Games 2008 Overall Champion title.

with only 38 contingent members, of course we were very proud to beat the runner-up university, who at least had 80 people with them, for the title kan.


And our Chief de Mission gave a thank you speech that night, thanking every single person he could remember of that had help him along the way, congratulating every winners, giving soothing remarks to those that did not won, and like always making sure our Penn State pride was at its highest state at all times.

So here, I would like to thank and congratulate him for being the greatest CdM we could ask for.
We would have not made it if you were not giving a 100% commitment to your duty, but you did, you put your best foot in, I know because I was there, you gave the very best you could give and because of that unintentionally you bring out the best of us too. And no one deserve it more than you do, to be the one on stage that night to receive the winning trophy, representing us all.
Job well done Apai, I'm more than proud of you.

CdM & I

some think it's better if I were to start giving more opportunities to myself and others now, well I'm learning to let go of certain things, yet there are still things that I wish to hold on to. I believe, there's no need to be with someone else to prove that I've move on and I dont think I shouldn't be friends with him just to prove that either. I'm quite comfortable with the way things are now, everything seem to be better than I expected them to be and I'm thankful for that.


  1. hey i liked the very personal view that u give us..i dont really knw a lot abt i hope v cn b good frnds
    btw m divya

  2. wow it has been a while since I'm involve in this virtual friend thing, but yeah sure we could try to be friends, maybe good friends too in the future.

    Divya, thanks for droping of a comment, and sorry if you could not understand some words i've written in my mother tongue.

    owh the name is Sabrina.

  3. biena whatever it is, i'll always support u k. just go with the flow. org kata ade jodoh, ada lah kan. we'll see what happen soon. but wish you all the best!

  4. lelaki plak yg jual mahal..ingatkan perempuan je..ahaha..

    true beina..will support you 100%..

  5. ahaha..tu la kan.
    make us fall for u then jual mhl plk.
    and i myself not sure why am i still holding on to it.

    right now babe mmg just go with the flow, out of all people, u're the one who know best how things are kot,but there will be a point when i just have to choose.

  6. the reason is because you guys can't be separated. the vibe is too strong so no matter how you deal with it trying to let HIM go ke or whatever la you just can't. you both miss each other presence. trust me okie beina. ive been in worst situations and i have helped a lot of people. they called me kan? so yeah..

    just go with the flow. be strong. he's not going anywhere and you know it kan?

  7. Nass is the Dr Love now huh? Well, Biena, i'm you better Dr Love ok.

    The situation dah ok kan. No one will push u guys ke apa. Everyone understand.So happy2 and lepak2 je.


  8. Nasssss,
    part you being Dr Love tu mmg klakar k, haha.

    yes indeed i know everything is pretty much nothing to be worried about, thank u both for the concern :)