Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving Break (part 4) : Niagara Falls

Thursday, Nov 25
From RIT went to Buffalo, dekat je ok like less than 90 minutes. Stayed at Ju's house, suka jmpe Ju! omg she's really innocent in a good way ok..haha..she simply makes people laugh for just being her! and baik hati je masakkan mee hun goreng and ayam thanksgiving-like for all of us! thanks Ju :)
catching up skit, tdo like 3.00 am and then dgn bahagianya bgn at 10.30 am since hari-hari sblmnya kena bgn as early as 8:00 am. bgn breakfast and more catching up was done. Hawa pun ade kt umah Ju :)
then the guys arrive at 12.30 mkn2 lagi, solat, then make a move to Niagara Falls!

di rumah Ju :)

Ju's University-SUNY Buffalo

Niagara Falls
Sejuk di Niagara Falls but we make it :)

Carmates after Zul ditched us to join Bart's car, haha.

lovely us :)

gambar terakhir road trip:thank you Penn Staters esp carmates for the wonderful 4 days together :)

actually, there is so much to talk about at every places and I do wish to write (ok type) them down not only for the sake of sharing them with others but also as something to read back on later and be able to smile remembering all the things I've did and done, all the people i've meet along the way, like u know, reminiscence people say..tapi sedikit malas la kan. I should stop procrastinating updating my blog, really.


  1. bin~
    innocent in a good way?
    mcm ada deja vu pernah dgr in a good way...
    and by the way,
    *saje je nak rhymekan stuff*

  2. haha..J** niiii

    kita rase nnt kita nk tulis ah about thanksgiving break last year sempena bday anda-anda smua.ok?

  3. hahaha...
    u know me even though I'm anonymous...
    I'm touched...

    *rindu kamu juga*

  4. x leh a bina. da try da die x nk center gak. bia ah. nnt try g len kali. slamat ari raye. dtg a rumah.

  5. anonymous,

    x rmai yg panggil kita bin kot~

    once I'm there, we'll talk about you coming here plk k!