Saturday, December 5, 2009

Harus lebih rajin

For the first time ever sepanjang belajar, kemalasan minggu inilah paling dasyat. I can now say I officially truly understand the meaning of lazy, not procrastinating but lazy. Malas sila shuhh jauh2. I dont want to let myself down and also not my two favorite instructors.

Presentation penting minggu hadapan.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


because I stayed up yesterday night, I made nasi ayam at 4.00 am today.

No, I was not scared cooking alone at 4 in the morning with the window open..ok tipu, the window was closed. Rumah sedikit berbau.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ohio State vs Penn State

Wake up yesterday..LATE, but very excited of the game.

Went there with the babes, Egy, Zack and Alot..Met up with Mao and Gokun later at the stadium. Everyone else wanted to wait for Asar. We were in the stadium like 45 minutes early and dah ddk sec ECU (high seats) row 68! Tinggi gler kot. Settle down kjp and prayed Asar on the bleacher, elok2 plak tu matahari terbenam depan mata, so yeah yakinlah dengan arah kiblatnya.

The girlfriends

OSU and PSU, 45 minutes before kick off

The weather was nice, wlaupun silau but it was not that annoying. Then kick off, the defense team did great, like macam ada harapan lah ni. But then during Penn State first drive, first play, Daryl dah kena sack, like whatttt, what was the O-line people doing?? darnnn mengecewakan gler. And Royster can't run the ball, x grk manalah kan.Then OSU touchdown plak LIKE 3 MINUTES IN THE GAME. Downnnnn.

When Penn State TD in the second quarter, not much of a celebration pun for me sbb x nmpk mcm TD pun, it was reviewed and yup a TD it was..but stillll..*sigh* then Penn State sayuran all the way, ALL THE WAY. X fahamlah why..there were some good play though esp bila Daryl baling bola before kena sack and no 5 tangkap for first down (rasanyalah no 5 sbb no 5 macam kesukaan rmai je smlm, menyambut bola dgn hebatnya)that was like fuuhhh.

Tapi kesimpulannya Ohio played great, Pryor baling bola cantik je to their wide receivers, unstoppable by Penn State defense team. Penn State? I dont know maybe special team kena hebat skit kot, Ohio asyik return punt jauh je smlm. Offense team cuba try passing game plak since running macam x mantap je, x pun silalah upkan running game. QB pun janganlah takut2 nak baling bola ey. Defense team pun, ksianlah kt fans, we were screaming for like a whole 2 minutes but then Ohio dapat first down plak.

Well, we left when the score was 7-24, tak kan nak stay and hear "WE ARE..OHIO STATE" what Iowa did when they won kn.

Sunset and then nightfall (pics credit to Mao and Gokun)

Although Northwestern berjaya kalahkan Iowa, still bye-bye Big Ten Championship title 2009.

maafkanlah if this post on football is very amateur, I'm no football expert, just a Penn State Nittany Lions HAMPIR die hard fan (wlaupun x hafal name smua player but I do remember their no and positions! heh)

Next week, let's all together pergi game ey wlaupun dah kalah semalam, last game of the season plus it's SENIOR DAY!! Yang x de tiket maybe can try cari.
Although maybe we're not going to Rose bowl, let's embrace the moment together like last season's final game MSU-PSU :)

and owh Apai, missed you at the game yesterday.

Back I am :)

Hellooooooo readers, wow 5 months without an update,

I know some people were like "Bina, kenapa private blog?". No worries there's not any drama-like or terlalu personal post that I dont want to share at this blog, hidup agak aman sentosa..It's simply because..SABRINA, MALAS NAK UPDATE!:D

I learn from the bf angkatlah ni, dia kata kalo x update baik privatekan je.

Quick updates (I know asyik quick updates je kan, heh:
Classes are hard but fun,
Exams are stressful but..erm no but mmg stressful pun,
independent research is STRESSFUL,
home is miss,
I'm 22!
weather is crazy,
uuuu raya dah lepas dah,
luminous bacteria!
health is 'pink' despite a visit to the doctor for a bacteria infection in the throat and the banyak-ness of orang sakit,
football..hurmmm...a long *sigh*

what else? idk! life is treating me pretty fair :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

dancing in the moonlight

finals are over, final grades have been known and I'm all thankful with this semester GPA.

It was a rough start this semester, but when it comes to study, it's enough to get one knock on the head to get my mind back focusing to my priority here - ->BELAJAR.
but then every semester akan kata 'Owh I should start focusing on my studies awal2 ah' tapi x mungkinnn, pasti after kantoi exam first and a few hw's on the first few weeks of the semester, baru nak bljar btul2~
and that's why this is the fourth semester my grades ranges from A- to As while never being all A's...owh 4.00 terasa susah dicapai ketika cuba mengimbangi belajar dan bersuka ria. Maybe I should weigh it more on studying next semester.

summer plans?
classes - golf and writing.
working - in my instructor's lab, maybe 40 hours a week, but we'll see how it goes.
readings - a lot of readings, yup I really just want to have a quiet, relaxing summer at home, mungkin terase begitu sekarang sebab homesickkk :(
and maybe
Canada and Yellowstone National Park - if rajin nak plan and boleh ask for a few day off from the lab.

do I not sound happy with the break? I'm still trying to find the best answer to why is my housemate, Nysa busy planning her trip back to Malaysia while I am updating this bloggg..and whylah my dad has to say he felt as I were near home when I call him yesterdayyyy~

urghh, rindu rumah dan keluarga!

and people say, it's ok rmai x balik...but nothing replace F.A.M.I.L.Y :,(

anyway, here is a song, Dancing in the Moonlight, which was featured in my all time favorite movie, A Walk to Remember.I enjoy playing this song over and over again after finals - menenangkan ;)
I cant embedded the song's vid clip here, so to all that are not into lovey dovey movie sorrylah terpaksa melihat this clip, hehe, but do enjoy the song.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

difficult moments

taken from a cousin's blog:

Don’t fear difficult moments, the best come from them.

– Rita Levi Montalceni, Nobel-Price Winner for Medicine 1986

Saturday, April 18, 2009

after two months

ok people sorry for the lack of update, I didn't intend to write this post but then a very dear friend of mine sruh here I am back again :)

anyway as you can see, the layout has been changed, thanks to Nad and Egy for giving me the idea to visit the website, and thanks to people kat sane yang dengan baik hatinye giving away the layout for free.

let's see, what has happen this past few months:
- spring break - RIT and Atlantic City
Yes, I had fun pouring hundreds of dollors on unnecessary items and spending time with the girls was superbly awesome :)
- Jaweez's Black and White party
- Malaysian Night preparation
- Malaysian Night
A huge success it was
- D.C's Cherry Blossom
Sweet memories to cherish and bonding with the freshmen
- IM Soccer Tournament
Wooo the most exciting of all kot, ni pasti update later
- Soccer practice
- Bdays in March: Tinie, Zack, Bart, Sapeque, Apai
- Bdays in April: Shah, Azreen
- NCAA Fencing Tournament
Penn State was the NCAA overall champ this year!yay Penn State! Owh I write and article about it and the coach like it that he hadit up in front of his office door :)
- Fencing classes
Getting my thumb and knuckles all sore
- Spring BBQ preparation
- Spring BBQ
Chilly it was but it was fun, I played more soccer than sukaneka, I can't see a ball lah I think,
pasti nak main.
- Apai's trip to Denver
one word: rindu (iya silalah blueekk skg juga :p haha)
- Summer research position
maybe I'll update about this later
- ExamS
oeh tertekan bila memikirkannya
- girlfriends
- Political changes in Malaysia
- Crappy weather in State College
but it's already very sunny today, yeay!

yes yes there are so much to write sebenarnye tapi tulah I need someone to push me, so Shue rajin2lah sruh aku update this blog k..miss u

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Annoying in a good way

remember earlier the tag thing on 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself...i tag Ijan since "I think there'll be lots of interesting thing they want to say"..wellllll, go click here 'Ijan syg's' and see for yourself how Ijan digress from doing the tag! and yes that is what i meant in INTERESTING, you wont expect anything normal..she is one of those amatlah creative people in berkata-kata, or like she LOVES to put it 'annoying in a good way' :p

Thursday, February 26, 2009

a dedication

to my very dear friends here at Penn State: Peyya and Daju, Happy Belated Birthday!

I'll update my post soon k

Since both of you are Taylor Swift die hard fan kan, Love Story will be on 'On Repeat'!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So much of complaining to Dollah and Zack for the lack of updates at their blog, well I've not been updating mine either!haha..bak kata pepatah Melayu 'Mengata dulang paku serpih, Mengata orang, die yang lebih' :p

so here's something that Sabriza tag me way back in December.

Rules :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

here we go:

1. I spell words through conversation. seriously, i usually spell adjective like ...'P.A.N.A.S nye hari ni'...but my signature word would be'wey T.I.P.U je'. It started last semester, it stop for a moment this semester but yeah, the habit is coming back.

2. I mix up name's of two people badly sometimes. I know who they both are but I just wrongly call their name, it's really unintentionally. I usually favor a name among the two. like Zul and Zam, I'll favor Zul, like Budin and Bart I'll favor Budin. So even if i wanted to talk to Bart, I'll call him Budin, even on YM pun I call him Budin..haha..sorry k Zam and Bart.

3. I constantly make sounds like 'jeng jeng jeng' and 'neno neno' in every thing I do..I know psycho kan.

4. I have problems spelling words with 'ei' in them i usually spell them 'ie' esp always..that when typing i wish Words would AUTOMATICALLY correct them and not just put those wiggly red line below it.

5. I love chocolates esp those with nuts that I usually eat chocolates before/after breakfast, lunch and bgn pg2 je mkn chocolates, but not anymore..I'm trying to live a better life right now:). BUT I do not favor food with chocolate or chocolate flavor food tapi.

7. I dont drink much. x tipu. this one friend call me unta.

8. I dont really touch people that much, like giving away hugs and all, but yeah listening to ghost stories, someone will surely be hold by me. BUT not while I'm watching a horror movie, tu ok je but I do scream a lot..haha.

9. With movies:
- I easily cry
- I get scared easily
- I smile all the way and day dreaming watching all those romantic comedy movie.
- but I dont easily crack watching movie yg mmg utk digelakkan like scary movie ke and seangkatan dgnnya. Yes, my sense of humor is a bit off the ordinary, MAYBE.

10. I have this habit of hitting the elevator button a zillion time before I stop.

11. I am a very shy person when I'm in a new surrounding. Ask my co-workers, they know. But yes, I'm super friendly to those who are new in my place.

12. I major in Biotechnology, minoring in Microbiology and Economics.

13. I say my courses number in Malay like, BMB 221 , it's not BMB two two one but BMB dua dua satu. This just happen out of kebosanan of too many classes to discuss about with my girls.

14. I'm not going home for summer, yes, I am very impress with myself too. I miss home a lot tapi.

15. the last one I'll just leave it to you to think about other weird things/habits/little known facts about myself :)

I'm tagging those yang jarang update for a while, let's see:
Zack, Nad, Safwan, Mina, Dollah, Saini, Ijat, Taufiq - we'll see they'll do this or not :p
Fifi and Ijan! (just because I think there'll be lots of interesting thing they want to say,hihi) ,

Thursday, February 12, 2009


a beautiful day it is, the pink umbrella grabbed earlier can be left at home dah.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

saya ade jiran

saya ade jiran, name die Zahirah but we call her Zack. She loves to cook and then call us up to fill our tummy in! Thank you Zack! The mee bandung was yummy!

another Friday

mase terase berlalu begitu pantas, once again it's already weekend.

So yes, my Friday was productive in my sense.
7.00 am : bgn pagi and try to finish my Mythology hw that is due at 12 noon that day..yes, yes, I like to x berjaya.
8.50 am: went to BMB 221, went fencing.
11.20 am: came back home, continue with the hw and submitted it at 11.54 am! I do work better under pressure ;)
12.15 pm: cooked lunch
1.45 pm: Went to work. Work was ok, having Apai drop by to share some exciting news make it even better. owh I slammed a door on my face while he was around too..haha, memalukan.
6.30 pm: clock out and went home.
7.30 pm: went to Vagina Monologue with Wan, Zack and Tinie. Since I took Women Studies when I was a freshmen, I am pretty much aware of this issue, women and their private parts, women and sex pleasure, once I went to a clitoris discussion and write a review on it. Well, women should get educated on this issue, yet I will not discuss about it here, obviously it is not appropriate.
after the theater-like performance, lepak DD!
11.30 pm: played soccer at Rec Hall, fun! wow, the Juniors are very good, I'm impressed, very.
1.15 am: was ready to leave, realize Apai wasn't around, it was unlikely of him to leave w/o telling, so text him, and went back with the Lexington's. Then got a call that he actually was still at the hall and went to the restroom, sakit perut..duuh, haha..manelah first felt guilty, I was to him know better that he would stay, but then it was something to laugh about :)
2.00 am: went downstairs with a pitch of ice cream and watched a movie - Changeling. Menarik, silalah tengok.
4.00 am: put my head on a comfy pillow and slept.

Right now: Just done reading Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book II.

Text Egy this morning, told her I miss her, well I do, very much. I rarely have a chance to talk to her right now. Sekarang, will bake puding roti for her in case she'll show up.

Friday, February 6, 2009


so yesterday I was stretching in my fencing class, crossed my legs while standing up straight and bend down to reach my toes. Half way bending, a Penn State fencer who just got up from his stretching mat, walk in my way and was an unexpected smile, I mean he is in the Penn State fencing team that Apai would constantly tell me that one of them went to the Olympics, who knows it was him got nervous a bit maybe, loss my balance and fell sideways~


i know, so movie-like moment kan.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Yup, changed the layout, hopefully will see some improvement in updating this blog too!

well, school so far have been ok, again I'm not that busy kot this semester, and yes, I'm still always alone at home,haha..but since i'm saving money for future plans, I dont think I want a pet dah kot. So yes, more time will be spend in front of the TV while munching some food. And therefore, maybe just maybe I'll be considering to go to the gym to maintain my weight as well as to build up some stamina for Midwest Games, again I'll play soccerlah kot.

Amazingly, I have not studied anything yet these three weeks, NOTHING, despite keinginan to be on top of things, only done some reading for my Mythology class and tu je lah kot, but by tonight I promise to change - akan lebih rajin.

I want a new teddy bear~

Monday, January 19, 2009

more birthdays

and here is a bday post for my lovelies in RIT plak!

Ecah and Pao, selamat hari lahir !

thanksgiving 2007@Karma

Because I was intern-ing during summer and korg kuar during weekdays and since, I went to RIT and both of you weren't there, come here again so we can take a more decent pictures than this k, hehe.

if korang make it to Penn State esk (3 hours drive je kan), i blanje mkn!heee.

Paooooo, thank u for always being understanding, and matanglah ya dgn penambahan usia and jgn nakal2, jgn jd mcm Peyya, hihi.

*hugs and kisses from Penn State*

better late than never

thanksgiving break 2007, cherished

and here is a post i wanted to write a long long time dah, a very special bday post to my lovelies in Illinois:

Nad, Ijan, Assem and Milah~

Happy bday korang..ok maybe i should highlight it a bit..


ish camne smua boleh jadi Dec babies ni?


I miss u guys sgt amat.
Thank you for coming here thanksgiving break last year, eh 2 years ago..seeeee dh lame x jmpe!!
and sape promise to jmpe kt Midwest tp x jmpe?haaaa.
what a trip it was, everything about it was memorable.
and i know i promise to come to Illinois, i will!
And I could wish nothing more except for all of you to be happy forever and ever, yup it may sound cliche, tapi tulah I want you guys to always be happy k despite life maybe being a bit challenging sometimes..examslah, dramalah, crusheslah, bflah..kan kan kan?

Nadiah Hakim, thank you for always being a great listener..far yet you're still the one yg slau bg i comfort.
Ijan, thank you for always seeing evryhing so positive or saying something negative in a very innocent way, haha..ijan ijan..*sigh* rindu
eh Jan, igt x lagu Meet Uncle Hussien yang kita semangat nak cari lyric sbb nak nyanyi dalam keta tu, Lagu Untukmu, menang AJL okay, x sangka. i mean bkn x sangka die mng, tp x sangka lagu yg kita smgt nk nyanyi tu yg mng.heee.
Assem, thank u for always being the sweet one..dh ade peminat baru blum Ssemm?hehe..haaa dh ade bf??x bgtau pun, lol..ssemm, sseem, jgn biar Ijan buli awk tau, eh jgn bg kitorg smua buli awk k! :D
Milah, paling matang,hehe..antara smua! take care of them k.

and korang tolonglah jgn suka sgt gossipppppp!!
jangan contohi Safwan tau, hehe.

pegi cruise to Bahamas Spring Break tahun dpn nk takkkkk?

love u guys always.

ok dh x igt no bilik kita!hehe.

bride-to-be kena buli! awww, and one of us will be getiing married soon~


bdk yg konon2 innocent :P


*hugs and kisses from Penn State*

Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Break Trip 2

The adventure is finally over, luckily nothing really horrendous happen to us!
Met a lot of friendly and very helpful people along the way, only He knows how thankful we were to have met them.
I'll update soon k.
Skg, harus kemas rumah.

here's a glimpse of Milan, our first stop in Italy.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuela II

il Duomo Milan

Leonardo da Vinci's Statue

Rock 'n' Music Planet

more to come on Sabrina and Sabriza's trip to Italy (if rajin)