Friday, December 19, 2008

from a conflict to a make up

so the conflict ECON 304 final exam was actually on Tuesday, not today as listed on eLion.
boleh tak?

and since I was too tired to be freaking out about this pagi tadi, dgn pasrahnye redha je but then called the instructor and took a make up exam at his office. clearly I'm not fully to blamekan.
so x surelah what will happen with the final grade.
sort of spoil the mood of celebrating the end of finals.

Sabrina wants ice cream, ice cream make her happy.


  1. eyh are u ok then dear?
    make-up exam?bleh eyh slh bg schedule gitu?haih.

  2. oo yes Sabriza, i'm pretty much ok dh skg, dh dpt result dh pun.