Saturday, December 13, 2008

finals menghampiri

2 days before final week,

the kitchen looks better than it did,
the garbage is thrown out,
tempat belajar lebih kemas,
katil lebih kemas,
sounds coming out from the TV could hardly be hear dah,
my voice pun could hardly be heard juge,
more phone calls to Malaysia,
more chocolates,
more coffee,
more INSTANT food,
less sleep (ok tipu)

during finals,

the kitchen is as bad as it could be,
sampah pun meninggi,
everything will be in a mess, everywhere is a mess
TV will be on,
more phone calls to Malaysia, Safwan and Apai,
more chocolates,
more coffee,
more chips,
more JUNK foods,
more cravings, more eating,
less sleep (x tipu)

after final week,
nothing really matters dah.

bila malas,
call home, pasti membantu and motivated kembali.

and this song was put on for me, when I told someone I can't study dah for an exam sbb too much of a material:

Hero - Mariah Carey

membantu? sort of.

all the best with final week.
may it not be as tough as it seems.


  1. agree yg before finals tuh..
    and after finals i think condition dia same kot mcm during..hehh..

    smlm i don't know why..tetibe rajen nk kemas2 rumah..need a conducive place to study kan :P

    all the best for finals bina!

  2. hahaha.. mmg lain ah before final and after final.. benci benci benci. tpi final always not as bad as it seems. good luckla final labi

  3. a'ah kan Daju rase mcm need a conducive place to study..and gamat, my final week right now IS sedikit unbearable as it is expected to be :(

    still, thank you both for the wishes k