Wednesday, July 30, 2008


One day..I think my curiosity will get me into trouble, big ones maybe.. only He knows when.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Welcome! So i’ve decided this blog will be open for all to read not only sabriza and izzarief..before, this blog is quite boring, i just really put in important matters i want them to know and for me to remember (so that’s why there’s a lot of work updates because i’ll need to rite them down in a more formal way dlm log book)..haha..well, i just think that the idea of letting others reads ur daily life is a bit scary..but i just realize sometimes i have so much to say to so many people..why dont i just say it here and let them bace sendri ah kan :)

And do abaikan all the manglish, wrong spellings, grammatical error, punctuation yg berterabur..both the BM and my academic report then u’ll see how my English really is, which is not that cemerlang sgt ah kan :p

And do keep in mind, this blog is for me to have somethg to look back on later and also to keep sabriza and izzarief updated, so yeah things might get a little bit too personal but never will it be emotional (although i know for some people those emotional post are the fun ones to read kan) so most important, don’t assume anythg from each post, because u just might wrongly interpret things k, but u guys are always welcome to stop by



So yesterday i’ve met my penn state girls for the first time ever since blk! Kt kenduri kahwin abg zack (abg zack look amat kacak yesterday, omg the seri pengatin can clearly be seen okayyy, and the bride of course cantik amat juga..congratz to both of u!:) :) :) )..peyya, nysa, kunod and zack n atim juge!..and of course the closest one kt intec, nadiah hakim!haha..nad still the same, i mean she being so bubbly and all, can talk non stop on the same topic,haha..nad u’re just soooo comel.. i’ve would spent more time with u yesterday, tp tu laaa, occupied plk smlm..x pe we go out again nnt k, story2 gossip2 :p

Owh i just miss wasting time with the girls just to sit and story2..not only gossip je okayyy.. a lot of others thgs too..but owh zapeyya together, we do make a great partner in gossiping kan,heeee…kunod thank u hantarkan ke lrt smlm!

x bestlaaa korg kuar this wed and i have to work :( kunod x de kete plk, so how korg nk visit me here? Peyya?’s ok, ksian peyya feeling the pressure :p

And to my gfs kt ktn..sorry, berzillion sorry, i can’t make it to ktn again this year *sigh*, shue i’ll be waiting for ur good news!:)

Datings are smoothing but outing with the girls are mostly the fun ones! Go crazy and no one really cares :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

happy birthday!

omg, i forgot to msg u yesterday..haha..luckily i wished u earlier kan
so selamat hari jadi!
Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki and dirahmatiNya slau. I know that one is very cliché but all i really want is for u to be happy k. Only He knows how thankful I am to have u by my side at all times. And i know u’re grateful to have me by yours jgk kan :p

we share a lot of stuff..ur always there, when i need u or tak, u're just there caring for me kan, i know..i'm soooo glad ade YM, kalo x, x tau laa how would i've gone through my life yg sometimes can be a bit of a drama kan..haha..sharing problems with others is just not the same as sharing them with u..ini pun somthg cliche to tell ur bestfriend but it is just as it is ok.

Thank u for the whole lot u’ve done Izzarief, luv u always.

Monday, July 21, 2008

other updates besides work

aiyaaa sabriza and izzarief u guys must be bosan asyik dgr psl kerja je kan, here's some updates beside kerja okayyy:

1) i no longer have a bibik at home! kene wat kerja okay skg, before pg kerja jemur bj, blk kerja angkt baju and lipat. and then mandikan the youngest one. but mama and papa have been helping a lot at home, actually i'm not assign to many chores. but still everyday is tiring, skg at 10.30 dh tdo~

2)i find malaysians need to be more educated on menjaga kebersihan, every week pegi pasar minggu mesti nmpk ade org buang smpah merata, i mean not wrapper gula2 or somethg tp ni bekas air yg seringgit satu tuuu..x smpt nk mrh dlm hati org yg buang that bekas dlm longkang, then nmpk lg sorg buang bekas air tu tepi jalan plakkk.adieh.

3) i miss the feeling of safety jln sorg2 mcm kt us! rempits and the 'abang2' ade di mana2 sj je.

4) owh i've got 7th place for the franchise walk-a-hunt kt Times Square with Asyiq tu, heee. it was fun but seriously u must like be amat creative figuring out the clues, i'm u were wondering did i help a lot.not quite i think :P

5) i've been searching for kuih cara (both manis and berlauk) tp till now x jmpe!sigh.

i miss u both, bila ntah nk jmpe, come to my house lah both of u.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday's lunch break

so i'm already in the third week of this practical-ing thing. monday, yesterday..urghh i hate mondays.

I attended the seminar keselamatan, which is x tipu bosan gler at first..plik how can the penceramah which was once a rersearcher that travel all over the whole bleh choose to tukar and do occupitonal safety plakkk~ dah ah tertinggal hp di rumahhh, x mengantukkkk, x de break, 3 hours seminar striaghtttt...mmg experience pure bosan ah yesterday.

then after lunch it was time to get all the data yg bersepah-sepah di berbagai buku dan kertas together...PENING~
aiyaaa i should have known better to keep all the data in one place kemas2..and i should have already put everything dalam table cantik2 last tu la suke sgt proscatinate disebabkan i think i might just SCREAM if i go on trying to put the data together, i decided to pack my things and wait at the punch machine at 4.40!haha..dulu gler ah berazam x kan makan gaji buta, but i dont think i'll do that again kot~

and today tanam plantlet again!sukaaa..altough sakit belakang ah kan skit.. then continue to susun2 data again, x rase nk jerit dah because hari ni tuesday not monday :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

practical-ing (part 3)

Second Week:

I was done setting up experiment #3 in week one. So i set up the other experiment in week two. I was determine to finish everything by last week because i wanted more time to do the observation, u know to see any significant changes in a plant development does not take a day or two, weeks or even months maybe. So i was like doing my work dengan tekun dan pantas. I don't do the 10.00 am minum pagi and i went to lunch at 1.00 instead of 12.45 and go back at 5.30 and not 5.00 like stated on my punch card..haha, pekerja cemerlangkan!

setting up the experiment was quite simple yet time consuming except for the MoFATTnye apparatuslah that was hard...i had teary eyes while doing it..bukan sbb tertekan or somethg tp sakit..once i've got the picture i'll let u know which part of setting up the apparatus was sakit k.
see the connection made from the filter to the tube and from the tube to the flask? oh yes i just use my hands to fit the tube into the filter AND was super hard because the tubes were keras (i think because this apparatus need to be autoclave sbb tu kene tebal kot, not sure myself)..and then kene psg the strip mcm kt plastic bag tu again with the same hand..count urself ah brape sambungan one mofatt tu ade..then multiple it with 18 k..and imagine doing it with a cut on ur index finger..and u were only like three days in lab..and u start to imagine will the other experiment be as hard as this one...menangis ah kan..~
my index finger went blue and a bit swollen already half way.

mase mula2 not familiar with cutting the small embryonic callus to even smaller ones, i cut my finger twice and because i constantly use my fingers (duh of course ah kan) to set up other experiment, it started to bernanah a bit, my mum dah bising ah kan, she does not really like the idea of me going to work during cuti, she said i should just rest at home.

i think i enjoy myself learning new things but yeah there's a lot to do.. sediakn media, the radas and all, and everything need to be autoclave dulu which may take half a day, and then kene sdiakn the embryonic callus, kene bersihakn die, kene potong into smaller pieces, kene timbanglah (to know it grow ke x nnt) and then transfer it, everything is done in a sterile condition making it a little bit harder - then kene seal the flask, tuib or petri dish and then kene label plk, then kena wat paper work die, if like sepuluh je petri dish per experiment x pe, tp ni smpai berpuluh-puluh or even hundreds (exp #2,3) so it took me two days each to set up exp #2 and 3. after label kene amek gambar lagi for the record and then kene pndah all the sample to bilik pertumbuhan lagi, haaaa a lot of work kan.

tp pindahkan plantlets into the giffy pot kt nursery was fun!that was my first target mase start practical, to tanam pokok in the nursery!haha..x tau la knp mybe because i dont enjoy spending a lot of time in lab that much kot.. i planted 80 plantlets, 20 from each different stage.

so yeah, alhamdullilah berjaye set upkan everythg last week! yes! tinggal observation je nanti, altough mcm byk je observation kene wt tp at least x yh spent mase dlm laminar flow cabinet je!

practical-ing (part 2)

First Week:
  • the first couple of days blajr asas-asas for the things i'll be doing there for my experiment - buat media and transferring.
buat media: preparing the 'food' for the embryo (oil palm's) or callus that are subculture into new flask, petri dish or tiub.
transferring: men-subculture-kan embryo or callus into new flask, petri dish or tiub.

i had very2 friendly people teaching me both techniques so wlaupun due-due pun amat leceh, like when you do the media all the timbangan for all the components must be exact, timbang2 ok la but when it came to add the water slalu je lah terlebih kan, n harus redo everything.. but it was fun, because for every mistake i did, i was given a chance to learn somethg from it, x de la kena mrh ke ape ke.
  • meeting with my supervisor: Dr Ahmad Tarmizi discussing all my experiment. He's very nice, suke~
ade 5 experiment!
(korang x perlu bace ni pun x pe, i'm just typing it here for future reference for my report)

1) Embryonic development in MoFATT vs in TIS
- MoFATT and TIS are two method invented by MPOB for the development of the embryo. so after setting up the MoFATT and TIS, all i have to do is just observation but setting up both TIS and MoFATT took me three days in the second week.

2) Callus induction from various explant sources: in-vitro, nursery and octet.
- basicly i cultured oil palm tissue taken from oil palm that:
a) is still in the in-vitro stage
b) planted in the nursery and
c) from a mature oil palm tree (octet)
into petri dish with msb media to see which explant will give more production of callus.

3) embryonic development form different types of embryonic callus.
-embryonic callus have different types of shape, so again i culture this different type of embryonic callus into different petri dish to see which embryonic callus would grow roots and leaves faster.

4) Rooted plantlets establishment in giffy pot.
-basicly, i plant plantlets (like anak pokoklah tp still amat kecil) yg di-establish di dlm lab through in-vitro (dlm tube) ke dlm giffy pot dlm nursery at different stage of the development - 2 minggu, sebulan, sbulan setengah and due bulan - to figure out the best time to alihkan the plantlets from the lab to the nursery.

5) monitoring culture development
-ni plg sng! just go to the lab and nursery every evening and do observation on the plantlets and tree.

p/s: if you guys are wondering what callus is and why i am so interested in callus production..well, regeneration in oil palm are achieved through somatic embryogenesis/organogenesis from embryo-derived callus- so if you plan to clone an oil palm you're interested in, you will need this callus thing from it k and the more callus you get in the fastest time the more result u can gain.

practical-ing (part 1)

the offer letter, the punch card, the day0ne name tag, the student id card, the stationary

hu'uh i'm very busy lately, so sorry if i'm not keeping things posted..haha.
i've started my practical at MPOB for two weeks now.busy amat. although i end my work at 5, usually 5.30 baru kuar.

well, MPOB stand for Malaysian Palm Oil Board, it was formerly known as Palm Oil Research Institute Malaysia (PORIM). They do a lot of stuff with palm oil-researches, production, helpings the peladang, well as you may guess i'm doing my practical under the research division of course - Biological Research Division (Advanced Biotechnology and Breeding Center) , under the Tissue Culture Unit to be exact.

i go to work with papa at 7.30 and go back home with mama at 5.30 because papa have been so busy lately slalu blk lmbt. So usually mama will always be the first one to hear everything that happened at work before i tell it again to papa the next morning on the way to the office~

the laziest thing about practical is the reportttt la kan of course, aiyaaa bila ntah nak start.