Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Only Exception

Some people may have thousands of friends, but I'm not one of those people. Maybe becuase I am a person that like to keep everything to myself and like I said earlier, I could really care less of what people do that I dont see the need to talk to people that much. I am certainly not shy, I'm just..I like to keep my life simple with just a friend or two. I'm okay with being alone with a book (although many of the books are read halfway, heh) and only having my cousins as friends. 

It may take a while for me to be a friend to another, I'm not sure why that is the case. I'm not sure why is it hard for me to offer friendship to others. Maybe I always have a hard time trusting others, and I rather be cheated by a boyfriend than being back stab by a close friend.

But when you're halfway around the globe from people you knew for sure to love you no matter what, the family of course, and with all the things you have to face being in a foreign land with typical teenager-turning-a-young-adult problems, saat-saat mencari who you really were, of course you need someone to turn too, and that is when I start to actually build friendship with the girls at Penn State.

Everyone is special in their own way to me and Zack and Egy are extra special. Penn State was more memorable becuase of them. I think they were usually the ones who knew the right words to say to make me feel better. We do see things differently sometimes but in a good way, they are just as crazy as I am but wait I think they are even more crazierlah but I appreciate that they never push me to do anything that makes me uncomfortable, and accept me just the way I am. It's amazing how I fit in with the two.

It's true that they were times that I choose to spent some time with Apai than with them, but never with no guilt, sometimes I cry knowing that I may have hurt their feelings (okay nangis), which mean something, becuase I do cry a lot watching dramas and movies but never for hurting someone else feeling becuase whenever I do that I usually felt that..that person deserve it, heh. But as far for Zack and Egy for all the times they were there for me, they dont deserve to get their feelings hurt by me, no they dont. Sorry :(

Everyone, have their own definition as what GOOD friends are,  I'm not sure what's mine, but I guess they two can be the definition :)

Dear Zack and Egy, you two may have other friends you consider top list as special but both are you are certainly on top of mine. Thank you for making me open up to actually trust FRIENDS, I never knew that I could.

Nah, a song for both of you, the word 'love' in the song should definitely be change to friendship, barulah touching skit weyh, ahahaha. Thank you for driving here to Seri Kembangan knowing that I need to home at 7, just so that we can all spend some time together since Egy got her first paycheck!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


There is so much uncertainties right now, I wish I knew what I really want and just focus on that. Penat trying to do and trying to be all the possibilities. I think I know what I want but I'm just not truly certain about it. I'm repeating myself, but yeah uncertainties and possibilities. I just have to try everything so that I will have no regrets later.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

I only have a person or should I say an organization/company/whatever you call it, which I really want to say something to: PETRONAS

Yo PET, send him back alreadylah, he was suppose to return MONDAY.

Sometimes I do fell these 3 weeks are harder than those 3 months we were apart. I guess because I cant always reach him.

He is super busy, I hate him, I mean..I miss him.

Apai: Kejap eh I kena siapkan evening report
Bina:  Nak tanya a random question boleh? U tulis report u in BM ke English?
Apai: English, Petronas kan multinational company
Bina: Owh ok.

I dont know where I get the idea that Petronas employees write their report in BM, even I blog in ENGLISH, gosh Sabrina stop asking bimbo-ish random questions ok.

Membuka Aib Sendiri di Facebook

In general, my feeling about all the things that annoys people on Facebook or about the things people think someone ought to do or not to do on Facebook is..the hell with what people do on facebook man, nak wat quiz byk2 buatlah, nak PDA, PDAlah, nak letak gambar vain letaklah, nak brag about your life to others, braglah, as long as x menggangu ketenteraman diri then I'm fine. I use to care and felt annoyed, but annoyance can be erase if you just stop caring or totally ignore it. And I have finally choose to ignore it sebab like why should I care anyways, right? But to those who care and feel the need to blog, twit about it, go ahead I'm not judging :)

But I do have a slight problem with people putting up pictures of themselves that would make people talk about them, degrading them. Wall to wall can also bring up hot gossips but pictures are like PROVES and not just talk. I'm not an angel myself, tapi tak baik kita membuka aib diri sendiri.

Nabi s.a.w memberi ingatan :
Setiap umatku (boleh) diampunkan kecuali mereka yang mendedahkan (dosanya), ada di kalangan yang mendedahkan ini, melakukan suatu dosa di waktu malam, berpagi-pagi sedang Allah menutup keaiban dosa itu, namun tiba-tiba dia mendedahkan seraya berkata :" Wahai fulan, semalam aku lakukan itu dan ini.." maka terhapuslah tutupan tuhannya dan jadilah ia membuka (rahmat) Allah yang (sebelum ini) menutup keaibannya. - Riwayat Al-Bukhari dan Muslim

See kenapa kita nk tolak rahmat Allah yang telah menutupi aib kita by not just telling others but also posting pictures! Sedar-sedarlah wahai rakan, janganlah kita ni jahil sangat. Not only we should not put those kind of pictures on FB, we should have not done all those things in the first place pun! Marilah sama-sama kita memohon keamapunanNya.

Sabrina! Sila jangan jahil sangat, what's with all those picture rapat-rapat ngn Apai on Facebook?! Ish, ish, ish.

Dan Nabi bersabda jua: (Di akhirat kelak) Allah akan menghampiri seorang hambanya yang mukmin lalu melindunginya lalu berkata : "Adakah kamu tahu dosa kamu ini? Adakah kamu sedar dosa ini?" Lalu jawab lelaki itu: "Ya Wahai Tuhan.." dan sehingga dia mengakui dosanya dan merasakan dia akan binasa (dihukum), Allah berkata : "Aku telah menutupinya di dunia dahulu ( dari pengetahuan manusia), dan hari ini aku akan mengampunkannya." - Riwayat Al-Bukhari

Allah Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang. Jelas dari hadis di atas, dosa yang dilakukan dan tidak didedahkan berpeluang mendapat belas kasihan Allah di akhirat untuk diampuni. Namun bagi mereka yang telah lebih dahulu berbangga bercerita, mengiklan, promosi dan sebagainya sejak di dunia lagi, dibimbangi tidak cukup layak mendapat belas kasihan dan rahmat Allah serta pengampunannya. (

Ini peringtan untuk semua, terutama untuk diri sendiri. Sila jangan jahil sangat.

A little bit of this and that

If you were a reader of my blog before, you would know that:
  •  I normally blog dwi-bahasa in the same post
  • I write like I talk
  • I usually post about happy things and rarely about things that break my heart because when I'm feeling down is either I will go gemukkan diri sendri with ice-cream or chocolates, mengaji or on the phone screaming about the whole thing to one of my unfortunate friends, heh.
  • And owh I dont refer to my bf as 'My bf....' or other cute names some people may have for their significant other, it is usually just Apai :)
  • I am very straight forward about things I usually post, very rare I am being vague about something or ever being poetic.
So why sofhi-the-elephant. I has nothing to do with who gave it to me ok, BTUL, ok maybe slightly matters kot. But it is just a symbol of appreciation to my one and only NON-LIVING FRIEND! For he is the one who was there for me ALWAYS. It's a long story I tell you. Anyways, Sofhi the Elephant, Sabrina loves you!

And you said you were mature Sabrina, are you sure?!

Back again ;)

Hello peeps,

Welcome back! So much of having Keeping Things Posted as a blog title kan, nothing has been posted for what 6 months?!and only 6 posts from 2010?!

But I did have fun re-reading my whole blog again, and there were some posts that I had a hard time remembering what actually happened! I do think I am very sincere in my writing, ecece..and I think Penn State may have been a little bit cruel in the beginning (which none of the stories are in this blog, I started blogging only in 2008 while I start school in 2006) but in the end all I know that I was surrounded by love, love and more love. I really dont want to talk about Penn State anymore, some of the post were of sweet memories that to walk through it again can cause a pain in the heart! Ok OVER. Anyways, let the memories be kept between us and in the previous posts, jangan pergi baca-baca balik eh :p Say hello to posts of the future! Well maybe a few posts of the past too :)

I know you know me, but a quick introduction wont hurt.And there's always strangers walking around you there strangers :)

1) I've graduated yeay! You should know by now where I graduated from, if not you're lumpy.
2) I'm still unemployed, but not at the point of stressing out about it. Maybe after 3 months unemployed then I'll stress out.
3) I'm living with my family again, and I'm loving it.
4) I'm taken but this very I-have-no-adjective-to-describe-him type of guy because he IS special, well EVERYONE IS SPECIAL if you ask me, but he is not ordinary and not everyone is not ordinary if you know what I mean.Yes, my sentences are always like 'what are you trying to say there perempuan?'
5) Before I went to college, I only have 2 persons in this whole entire world that I would really call bestfriends but now I think I have a few more.
6) I truly believe I am a matured young lady now. Well, maybe not TRULY believe :D but I do believe that I am.
7) I still have a slanting smile and I do think I'm still such a typo-er, so do excuse all those annoying grammatical errors or spelling mistakes ok people!
8) I am Miss Perfectionist, SOMETIMES. Most of the time I'm very laid back and like 'what the heck man?!'..ape-ape sajelah type of person.

There, I've touch a little bit about school, work, family, love, friends and myself, which now will be use as labels on this blog.

I'll make sure I'll label my post properly now, so that if I were to past away, people that miss me will just have to click on the labels to re-read all the post that they think they are label on! Yes people we do have to remind ourselves about death.
Or for a much sweeter excuse, nanti senanglah for my future children especially my future daughters to stalk the past of their own mother ;)

OMG so much babbling.

Eh dont go click Older Posts plak k, we need to move forward! :D