Tuesday, October 21, 2008

officially over

ok i think i have to stop looking forward for weekends and get back on track.

I'm done with raya and ready to be the nerdy me.

Mari belajar and focus!

Penn State Nittany Lions

Finally after 2 years, I heart them. Truly heart them.

May this season be ours.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

busy and busier

I dont think I need a pet dah. Life is getting busier each day.

I want pancakes and maple syrup.


housemates: Nysa & Peyya

Jiran: Zawa &Zack

Ada & Yaya



the senior yg disayang ramai!: Daju

and owh Far, y no pics of us?ooo asyik amek gmbr ngn B name sbnr je ya :p

the girlfriends :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Raya 2008

I'll skip how dull my fist day of raya was and straight away go to the happy first weekend of Syawal, let the pictures speak themselves! :)

MASA-PSU is not holding any official gathering this year since were like 124 orang kan and decided it would be much better if the members were grouped geographically and held our own open house to be attend by others. Sooooo...

Friday Night: West Side Open House, College Parks and The Graduates.

Freshmen & Baju Raya

Collage Park's Hallway

and they refuse to go home and cook, haha..hey thanks for coming k

JJ :)

thanks to those that come despite informing it quite late kan :)

Saturday Afternoon: Central Open House, Allen Park- homes of 39 ACTP students. The foods were abundant! siap bolah tapau lagi and warm companies the host were, thank u :)

owh this pic is from Haleem's new camera yg baru smpai pg that day! and thanks to that camera byk amat amek gmbr, terima kasih Haleem!


di mana camera di situlah kami

Penn State 20- Purdue 6, yeay!

this weekend: East Side Open House!

pics are credited to: Gokun, Bart, Haleem and many others. Thank you :)

malam raya 2008

i dont know maybe after spending 2 years here, i sort of miss home more lately..and this year malam raya was the most x macam malam raya for me.

firstly, i had a long day studying for my econ exam the next day, then prepare for takbir raya event which i leave early to go to work at 11, tak tangkap2 gmbr pun :(.

secondly, that night was the first time I had to stalk stocks on the shelves at work. I cant find all the stuff once, so I was going up and down from the store to the basement to get stuff byk kali, then kena close the store, so more additional work.

thirdly, yeah having a pengurus pelajar yg hanya memberi arahan,not helping.

and fourth i miss home and my parents havent call yet by then, it was already nearly 2 ptg hari raya pertama di Mlysia!:( they always called during pagi raya~

so after making sure smua barang on the shelves were organize, the trash was thrown out, i went down to the locker room to get my stuff and just wanted to get home asap so that dh x perlu berkongsi satu ruang ngn sesorang yg x bercakap. But when i went back up to the store, there he was waiting in front of Sisu and i was like "U wat pe kt sini?",shocked.."U tau x hujan kt luar?", he asked, smiling his normal senyum x nmpk gigi with his pj and cap on, which made me smile back..of course i didn't know, the store was inside a building and suddenly i felt cared for, thank u :)

so yeah malam raya wasn't that bad by the end of the day, Ijan called and i talked to Nad too. Safwan called also. Yes, my Illinois peeps mmg boleh diharap

Called Sabriza and Izzarief tapi due2 pun busy!haha..one was catching the train and the other one was driving..sorry!

and my dad of course called the next day saying that he purposely x nk kaco i study and kerja..he hardly forgets anythg i told him and yes i know my dad slalu takes things seriously but papa kaco je la k, kate hari raya
but yeah i love him so much and i miss him dearly since my summer were mainly spent with him. i miss the whole family and for the first time in three years, i cried over the phone, maybe I waited for the phone call too long.

so here, i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone,

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.


yeay new post!sorry for not keeping my words to always update but yeah last two weeks were super busy with exams, reports and also catching up with tv series! i think i have so much to share but firstly..i'm employed! and that is one more reason why i'm busier than the start of this semester.

so currently i'm working at The Organic and All Natural Sisu Store and Coffee Bar on the 1st floor of Waring Commons. 2 shifts in the convenient store and one shift at the coffee bar.

well so far working is not bad, ok i just work for nearly two weeks kot, heee. Sunday morning shift is the easiest because all i have to do is feel in small two ounce cups with 1 ounce of cream cheese! yup that's all i do for two hours. habis kerja brunch kt Waring commons, yeay! i mean Waring have the best brunch kot, name any breakfast you wish to have, mostly ade kot. Last week brunch-ed with Apai and Gokun and Gokun was amazed how beautiful Waring is and betapa byknya foodsss..tu laaa sape sruh asyik bgn pkul 2 je every weekends :p

tuesday shift is the least favorite, x suka stalk2 barang..i mean i dont mind stalking all the stuff but i dont like it when the stuff need to be stalk is no where to be find in the basement! pembaziran masa, pengurusan barang2 di kedai tersebut adalah amat diperlukan.

thursday shift is at the coffee bar, i lyke! firstly, because the guy i'm working with is so much fun! x pernah rasa bosan or tertekan bila order for coffee and smoothie sgt byk. I can hardly remember how to make the many kind of coffee, yg plg ingat ialah how to make a hot chocolate, heee but he was always there covering for me, yup he is baik hati. but i can say i'm quite good with the smoothies, okay x de la ssh sgt pun nk igt ape nk ltk kan ;)

overall, i'm proud of myself that i've proven that i am not choose-y when it comes to finding a job on campus..trying to be konon2 a barista pun ok what ;)

i thought of putting up gmbr2 of my workplace tp sgnla kan nk amek2 gmbr2, heee. maybe later.