Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Break (part 1) : Volleyball Tournament

Like I always do, a few posts on one day! So here's a list of stuff I did during Thanksgiving Break:

*Volleyball Tournament
*Football: PSU vs MSU
*Boston & Niagara Falls
*Hiked Mount Nittany
*Islamic Fall Retreat

Friday, Nov 22 2008
So answering Taufiq's question at the shoutbox..Ya Taufiq, I played volley!
hebat or not? Come to Penn State again and we play bersama k, pastilah tak tapi *grin*
but I was still proud with my team, team 6! our team was the only team that won against the tournament's winner, Group 10 but we didn't make it to the semi due to some scoring stuff which I dont bother to know, lagipun I do personally feel Group 10 and Group 8 were more qualified to enter the semi's.
but all that matter was I had fun with my team!
they were very supportive. i heart them. it was a great idea to do a sport tournament and mix us with the junior, congratz to Sim, the organizer!
and the most fun part of course kalahkan group 10 which is Apai's team..haha..I mean finally he lost to me in sport! SPORT! something he is very good in but still afterwards I supported his team till final.

I wish I had my team's pic, Mao if you are reading this, nk gmbr group nnt k!
Sim, nnt nk futsal tournament plak please!

and owh before we headed to Rec Hall for the tournament, we went to Panera Bread, one of Daju's to do list before she grad


  1. mahu..mahu futsal..confirm daju maen =)

    ehh group 8 group sape ekk?
    group 9 la..sim pn ckp 9 layak lawan ngn diorg..hehh.. (mcm daju maen je pn kan)

  2. eh bina pun x sure group 8 group sape daju..heee. bukan group daju ngn ijat ey..hehe..oo daju group 9, then what i meant to say was group 9 :)
    group yg ade ijat ngn hadi tu la satu2nya group yg kitorg kalah!haha..ntah daju ni mcm main je..hehe.

    futsal jom!