Friday, August 29, 2008

happy birthday Egy!

babe, happy birthday!

who would have guessed we could become this close. well people change kan, and despite what ever people say about us, we know who we are. if before we share the likeness of taking pics ngarut2 and sgt byk, we share more than that. we have our up and downs, but never we couldn't forgive and forget. thank u for always being the understanding one, sorry if i used to judge u by what others say, screw them. i know u better now and i know i can always count on u, always.

love u.

happy 21st!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fitness assesment

so today at 10.00 I went to White Building for the fitness assessment; required for my fitness walking class.

Overall, i'm healthy and normal but i'm not fit.

my heart rate, blood pressure and body fat was all okay but when it comes to the sit up and push ups..ouch, not good

1 minute sit up: 15
average for females: 38.38! half pun x smpai..ok i did 15 in 30 seconds, and then i stop because my stomach cant stand it dah, i mean i can make a few more but i didn't really want to go on.

1 minute push up test: 5
average for females: 15-20. never was i good with push ups kot.

Leg dynamometry: 47 kg
average females: 62-79 kg. it was the first time i did this test so mcm blank2 skit gune dienye instrument, so cant really comment on this, heee.

azam baru: push up and sit up everyday!
so esok ade 1 mile walking test. we'll see how it goes.

and masih tertekan dgn ANGEL and eLion yg x boleh diaccess dr lap top ni.

and i've been craving for maggi kari ngn telur since the first day i reach mls nk wt, adeih.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hari pertama

today didnt start very well..since x boleh bukak ANGEL and eLion..which is sgt stressful ah kan since all the coursework, add and drop class kt those website..and i didn't have a chance to breakfast properly jugak because i was so lazy to get out of bed wlaupun dh bgn i was quite late pg i just ate sekeping roti kosong on the way out.

I dont know how i was confuse between White Building and Rec Hall, i perfectly knew i had my Fitness Walking class kt Rec Hall because i told my housemates and all tp i dont why i took the Blue Loop and went to White Building pagi tad..haha..i know it sound so ridiculous kan! but yeah that what happen this like a few meters before smpai White Building, mcm berhenti skjp and berfikir..omg, white building is so not rec yeah pth blk ah kan pg rec hall..blum start class lg dh kena walking2 sana sini..ish~

the class was ok, the coach was very goofy and motivating, i lykeee.

next ECON 304, surprisingly i enjoyed the first day of class, like really enjoyed it! maybe because i already learn some of the stuff and rase mcm gembira je as a science major boleh faham and connect to the US economy with just a brief explanation..haha..i know lousy je kan, heee.

BMB 211, i think i will have problem with this class because i'm so not into learning the structure of biopolymers.

and the most interesting first day of class is MIRCB 410 - Immunology! cool instructor, fascinating stuff, i lykeee. like seriously it was like the only class ever i have been in where all the student x bsg2 nk blk when the class supposedly to end. I dont how it is kt Mlysia but those yg blajr kt US would understand, here if it's suppose to end at 1.00 then at 1.00 lah all the student akan bgn and leave the class wlaupun the instructor is still teaching. but in 410 it wasn't like that, class end at 2.15 tp at 2.15 x dgr pun ape2 bunyi.. i think rmai was like terpegun with the young instructor's coolness in teaching..and we end the class like 5 minutes late.

and the first lecture of BMB 342 made me excited do go to lab this Wednesday!

everything gets better by the end of the day and wlaupun i just ate sekeping roti kosong sepanjang hari, x lapar pun till class end at 4.25! amazing.

overall i think this semester will be a little bit hard, everything is in more details, exams are comprehensive..but the semangat utk bljr is very high right now!heee..hopefully it will last to the end of semester ah kan

hey have a great semester k everyone!

not easy

okayyy keeping a blog updated is not easy. i finally understand that. will try to keep things updated by now k.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Last weekend di tanah air

So my last weekend here was spent with family and friends.

Pagi sabtu went to the pasar to buy all the rempah ratus which is like sgt byk la kan sbb the whole bill was rm200+..haha..this time blk x spttnye byk since Peyya and Nysa are coming home too..i’m not sure myself what have i grab kt dlm kdai tu, heee.

Then ptg, went to Papayee’s house for majlis doa selamat for the August babies in the family..yeah rmai are born in August sis Diana was born 8.8. So it was like the last time i met everyone the aunties, cousins and uncles..before another two years mybe. The little ones pasti dah besar by then..and mybe there will be more cousins and ank sedara!:)

Spending time with the couz have never not been fun but since Nana, my sis, was not there, it felt different..and i cried sjkp when Siti arrived because she was like the closest one to Nana, i miss her a lot.


the little ones


kazen mazens
Cubaan mengcover Siti..hihi..x de la gmuk sgt pun, mengade jeee:p

so will i be home again next year? most probably~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

high school friends

And today i’ve met a few friends from high school.

Izzarief yg wajib jumpe itu kalo tak die bising2 and ungkit2 inciden die nk dtg umah and the incident i didn’t told him i was in Shah Alam tu..well Izzarief ni mmg mengadaaaa..haha..still thanks for the present and for paying the makan too!:)

Shafiq, i haven’t met him since we took our spm result..i thought he would come with a t-shirt yg gns2 skit tu because he was a skater but boy i was wrong..he came with a shirt and look stunningly cute! well name pun jambu mase kt mktb kan :p

And shue..dh mkn tembam!heee..but still she was still warm like when we were in high school:) thanks shue for the present!

Big Apple, Acab's treat! thank u..ok dh comot by the end of the day.

Then they were Acab, Azri wich i’ve met last year and there was Rizal too..haha..Rizal ko mmg hebat ok kipas2 org x thn..hehe.

Bina, Acab, Shafiq and Izzarief

with Rizal and Azri

Overall, I had a great time, amat! thank u guys.Jgn lupe our plan next year ok. Itu pun kalo aku blk!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Azreen&Hafiz’s :)

okay last two post depressing je kan..haha. well here's a happy one:

to Azreen congratulations on your wedding! The event was lovely, the foods were sedap amat and u look superbly stunning okayyy, tak tipu :)

the newlyweds ...sweetness~


Penn Staters at Azreen&Hafiz's..owh Kunod was the bride's maid :)

to Hanafi and Aimi, congratulations to both of u too. Congratulations to all newly weds, pasti rmai because of the 08.08.08 kan.


Azreen semoga berbahagia hingga akhir hayat bersame dia yg tersayang okay!

*hugs and kisses*


Okayyy i think i’m starting to feel the stress of being my father’s daughter since it's already the final week of my pratical where i have a presentation and a report to finish. It’s just unfair to compare me and my dad in every single thing i do. As i was doing the biostatics analysis with my data of course la x mhr sgt kan with the program, i used Minitab kottt not SAS, so mesti la blank2kan..and then she said ‘Cmne x tau ANOVA tu ape..ayah kamu kt Biology kan dah biase ngn ni smua’..dlm hati i was like..that’s my daddddd puan not me. And then she explain ANOVA tu ape which i x fhm sgt pun..but i finally understand what ANOVA is after googling it myself, which is actually the analysis of variance and i have not learn it in Stat 250, so pastilah x tau kan..ok i’m not blaming her la kan..but still commenting me involving my dad is just menyedihkan. Yes, i am sensitive. But mase mula2 start training i was more sensitive tp lame-lame kerja mcm dh lali kot menghadapi berbagai-bagai kerenah orang.

And since mase tu tertekan kan menerima comment tersebut..My co-supervisor asked me while i was looking over the SAS program, do i like working here..and then dgn selambanye i answered with my eyes still fix at the computer..’no, i don’t think so i like it here’(that what happen when i’m streesed out at work, i tend to speak in English because speaking in BM mcm lemah lembut kan), dah ah ade bebrape pegawai lain juge dlm blk tu and obviously they know my father..n dah ah ckp dgn nada yg sgt pasti plk tu kan..but i didn’t really mean it..what i really mean is ‘no i don’t think so i like working here when everyone is expecting me to be as good as my dad.’ Because i just cant ok.


Okay skg sgt stressed out about presentation on Wednesday. Tolonglah no more comments involving my dad. x pun Sabrina just stop being so sensitive.

I need my happy song and a bar of chocolate too.