Tuesday, December 16, 2008


wake up around 6 in the morning,
flip through the BMB 211 notes,
and came across the word "CHROMOSOME"
though it sound very familiar, very very familiar, for a second I can't recall what was it, even it's infamous structure of an X pun can't recall at that time.

I need coffee to stimulate my brain sekarang juga.

and yesterday baru je ckp ngn Zack, kan best if coffee (Settle's Best, DD or any coffee yg biasa dimimun on campus or even Starbucks) can be order through delivery je during this final week.
I know, mengadakan?


  1. memang mengada. starbuck is just 5 minutes walking je pun from ur house k.aduh byk nye nak study today kan.

  2. haha, a'ah Starbucks, DD, smua dekat..tapi x de mase nk kluar umahhhh sbb like you said banyak nk kena studyyyyy~

    egyyyyy, good luck k.

  3. omg bina..
    daju mcm slalu sgt la fikir the same thing: if only starbucks ade delivery..bahagia hidup kann..

  4. eh aku siap pikir nak suro starbucks ngn uncle chen tu merge. nnt bleh order makan ngn cofee skali. haha!

  5. tapi bgs juge x de delivery, saving skit

    haha..Budinnnn, suka ya order Uncle Chen