Tuesday, April 21, 2009

difficult moments

taken from a cousin's blog:

Don’t fear difficult moments, the best come from them.

– Rita Levi Montalceni, Nobel-Price Winner for Medicine 1986

Saturday, April 18, 2009

after two months

ok people sorry for the lack of update, I didn't intend to write this post but then a very dear friend of mine sruh update..so here I am back again :)

anyway as you can see, the layout has been changed, thanks to Nad and Egy for giving me the idea to visit the website, and thanks to people kat sane yang dengan baik hatinye giving away the layout for free.

let's see, what has happen this past few months:
- spring break - RIT and Atlantic City
Yes, I had fun pouring hundreds of dollors on unnecessary items and spending time with the girls was superbly awesome :)
- Jaweez's Black and White party
- Malaysian Night preparation
- Malaysian Night
A huge success it was
- D.C's Cherry Blossom
Sweet memories to cherish and bonding with the freshmen
- IM Soccer Tournament
Wooo the most exciting of all kot, ni pasti update later
- Soccer practice
- Bdays in March: Tinie, Zack, Bart, Sapeque, Apai
- Bdays in April: Shah, Azreen
- NCAA Fencing Tournament
Penn State was the NCAA overall champ this year!yay Penn State! Owh I write and article about it and the coach like it that he hadit up in front of his office door :)
- Fencing classes
Getting my thumb and knuckles all sore
- Spring BBQ preparation
- Spring BBQ
Chilly it was but it was fun, I played more soccer than sukaneka, I can't see a ball lah I think,
pasti nak main.
- Apai's trip to Denver
one word: rindu (iya silalah blueekk skg juga :p haha)
- Summer research position
maybe I'll update about this later
- ExamS
oeh tertekan bila memikirkannya
- girlfriends
- Political changes in Malaysia
- Crappy weather in State College
but it's already very sunny today, yeay!

yes yes there are so much to write sebenarnye tapi tulah I need someone to push me, so Shue rajin2lah sruh aku update this blog k..miss u