Saturday, May 9, 2009

dancing in the moonlight

finals are over, final grades have been known and I'm all thankful with this semester GPA.

It was a rough start this semester, but when it comes to study, it's enough to get one knock on the head to get my mind back focusing to my priority here - ->BELAJAR.
but then every semester akan kata 'Owh I should start focusing on my studies awal2 ah' tapi x mungkinnn, pasti after kantoi exam first and a few hw's on the first few weeks of the semester, baru nak bljar btul2~
and that's why this is the fourth semester my grades ranges from A- to As while never being all A's...owh 4.00 terasa susah dicapai ketika cuba mengimbangi belajar dan bersuka ria. Maybe I should weigh it more on studying next semester.

summer plans?
classes - golf and writing.
working - in my instructor's lab, maybe 40 hours a week, but we'll see how it goes.
readings - a lot of readings, yup I really just want to have a quiet, relaxing summer at home, mungkin terase begitu sekarang sebab homesickkk :(
and maybe
Canada and Yellowstone National Park - if rajin nak plan and boleh ask for a few day off from the lab.

do I not sound happy with the break? I'm still trying to find the best answer to why is my housemate, Nysa busy planning her trip back to Malaysia while I am updating this bloggg..and whylah my dad has to say he felt as I were near home when I call him yesterdayyyy~

urghh, rindu rumah dan keluarga!

and people say, it's ok rmai x balik...but nothing replace F.A.M.I.L.Y :,(

anyway, here is a song, Dancing in the Moonlight, which was featured in my all time favorite movie, A Walk to Remember.I enjoy playing this song over and over again after finals - menenangkan ;)
I cant embedded the song's vid clip here, so to all that are not into lovey dovey movie sorrylah terpaksa melihat this clip, hehe, but do enjoy the song.