Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So yesterday i’ve met my penn state girls for the first time ever since blk! Kt kenduri kahwin abg zack (abg zack look amat kacak yesterday, omg the seri pengatin can clearly be seen okayyy, and the bride of course cantik amat juga..congratz to both of u!:) :) :) )..peyya, nysa, kunod and zack n atim juge!..and of course the closest one kt intec, nadiah hakim!haha..nad still the same, i mean she being so bubbly and all, can talk non stop on the same topic,haha..nad u’re just soooo comel.. i’ve would spent more time with u yesterday, tp tu laaa, occupied plk smlm..x pe we go out again nnt k, story2 gossip2 :p

Owh i just miss wasting time with the girls just to sit and story2..not only gossip je okayyy.. a lot of others thgs too..but owh zapeyya together, we do make a great partner in gossiping kan,heeee…kunod thank u hantarkan ke lrt smlm!

x bestlaaa korg kuar this wed and i have to work :( kunod x de kete plk, so how korg nk visit me here? Peyya?heee..it’s ok, ksian peyya feeling the pressure :p

And to my gfs kt ktn..sorry, berzillion sorry, i can’t make it to ktn again this year *sigh*, shue i’ll be waiting for ur good news!:)

Datings are smoothing but outing with the girls are mostly the fun ones! Go crazy and no one really cares :)

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