Monday, July 21, 2008

other updates besides work

aiyaaa sabriza and izzarief u guys must be bosan asyik dgr psl kerja je kan, here's some updates beside kerja okayyy:

1) i no longer have a bibik at home! kene wat kerja okay skg, before pg kerja jemur bj, blk kerja angkt baju and lipat. and then mandikan the youngest one. but mama and papa have been helping a lot at home, actually i'm not assign to many chores. but still everyday is tiring, skg at 10.30 dh tdo~

2)i find malaysians need to be more educated on menjaga kebersihan, every week pegi pasar minggu mesti nmpk ade org buang smpah merata, i mean not wrapper gula2 or somethg tp ni bekas air yg seringgit satu tuuu..x smpt nk mrh dlm hati org yg buang that bekas dlm longkang, then nmpk lg sorg buang bekas air tu tepi jalan plakkk.adieh.

3) i miss the feeling of safety jln sorg2 mcm kt us! rempits and the 'abang2' ade di mana2 sj je.

4) owh i've got 7th place for the franchise walk-a-hunt kt Times Square with Asyiq tu, heee. it was fun but seriously u must like be amat creative figuring out the clues, i'm u were wondering did i help a lot.not quite i think :P

5) i've been searching for kuih cara (both manis and berlauk) tp till now x jmpe!sigh.

i miss u both, bila ntah nk jmpe, come to my house lah both of u.


  1. ha'a...agak bosan la!hehe. :p
    hows ur baju raya hunting bina?berjayakah?

  2. by now..i've got all that i need!