Sunday, July 6, 2008

practical-ing (part 1)

the offer letter, the punch card, the day0ne name tag, the student id card, the stationary

hu'uh i'm very busy lately, so sorry if i'm not keeping things posted..haha.
i've started my practical at MPOB for two weeks now.busy amat. although i end my work at 5, usually 5.30 baru kuar.

well, MPOB stand for Malaysian Palm Oil Board, it was formerly known as Palm Oil Research Institute Malaysia (PORIM). They do a lot of stuff with palm oil-researches, production, helpings the peladang, well as you may guess i'm doing my practical under the research division of course - Biological Research Division (Advanced Biotechnology and Breeding Center) , under the Tissue Culture Unit to be exact.

i go to work with papa at 7.30 and go back home with mama at 5.30 because papa have been so busy lately slalu blk lmbt. So usually mama will always be the first one to hear everything that happened at work before i tell it again to papa the next morning on the way to the office~

the laziest thing about practical is the reportttt la kan of course, aiyaaa bila ntah nak start.

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