Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Welcome! So i’ve decided this blog will be open for all to read not only sabriza and izzarief..before, this blog is quite boring, i just really put in important matters i want them to know and for me to remember (so that’s why there’s a lot of work updates because i’ll need to rite them down in a more formal way dlm log book)..haha..well, i just think that the idea of letting others reads ur daily life is a bit scary..but i just realize sometimes i have so much to say to so many people..why dont i just say it here and let them bace sendri ah kan :)

And do abaikan all the manglish, wrong spellings, grammatical error, punctuation yg berterabur..both the BM and English..read my academic report then u’ll see how my English really is, which is not that cemerlang sgt ah kan :p

And do keep in mind, this blog is for me to have somethg to look back on later and also to keep sabriza and izzarief updated, so yeah things might get a little bit too personal but never will it be emotional (although i know for some people those emotional post are the fun ones to read kan) so most important, don’t assume anythg from each post, because u just might wrongly interpret things k, but u guys are always welcome to stop by


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