Sunday, July 6, 2008

practical-ing (part 2)

First Week:
  • the first couple of days blajr asas-asas for the things i'll be doing there for my experiment - buat media and transferring.
buat media: preparing the 'food' for the embryo (oil palm's) or callus that are subculture into new flask, petri dish or tiub.
transferring: men-subculture-kan embryo or callus into new flask, petri dish or tiub.

i had very2 friendly people teaching me both techniques so wlaupun due-due pun amat leceh, like when you do the media all the timbangan for all the components must be exact, timbang2 ok la but when it came to add the water slalu je lah terlebih kan, n harus redo everything.. but it was fun, because for every mistake i did, i was given a chance to learn somethg from it, x de la kena mrh ke ape ke.
  • meeting with my supervisor: Dr Ahmad Tarmizi discussing all my experiment. He's very nice, suke~
ade 5 experiment!
(korang x perlu bace ni pun x pe, i'm just typing it here for future reference for my report)

1) Embryonic development in MoFATT vs in TIS
- MoFATT and TIS are two method invented by MPOB for the development of the embryo. so after setting up the MoFATT and TIS, all i have to do is just observation but setting up both TIS and MoFATT took me three days in the second week.

2) Callus induction from various explant sources: in-vitro, nursery and octet.
- basicly i cultured oil palm tissue taken from oil palm that:
a) is still in the in-vitro stage
b) planted in the nursery and
c) from a mature oil palm tree (octet)
into petri dish with msb media to see which explant will give more production of callus.

3) embryonic development form different types of embryonic callus.
-embryonic callus have different types of shape, so again i culture this different type of embryonic callus into different petri dish to see which embryonic callus would grow roots and leaves faster.

4) Rooted plantlets establishment in giffy pot.
-basicly, i plant plantlets (like anak pokoklah tp still amat kecil) yg di-establish di dlm lab through in-vitro (dlm tube) ke dlm giffy pot dlm nursery at different stage of the development - 2 minggu, sebulan, sbulan setengah and due bulan - to figure out the best time to alihkan the plantlets from the lab to the nursery.

5) monitoring culture development
-ni plg sng! just go to the lab and nursery every evening and do observation on the plantlets and tree.

p/s: if you guys are wondering what callus is and why i am so interested in callus production..well, regeneration in oil palm are achieved through somatic embryogenesis/organogenesis from embryo-derived callus- so if you plan to clone an oil palm you're interested in, you will need this callus thing from it k and the more callus you get in the fastest time the more result u can gain.

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