Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday's lunch break

so i'm already in the third week of this practical-ing thing. monday, yesterday..urghh i hate mondays.

I attended the seminar keselamatan, which is x tipu bosan gler at first..plik how can the penceramah which was once a rersearcher that travel all over the whole bleh choose to tukar and do occupitonal safety plakkk~ dah ah tertinggal hp di rumahhh, x mengantukkkk, x de break, 3 hours seminar striaghtttt...mmg experience pure bosan ah yesterday.

then after lunch it was time to get all the data yg bersepah-sepah di berbagai buku dan kertas together...PENING~
aiyaaa i should have known better to keep all the data in one place kemas2..and i should have already put everything dalam table cantik2 last tu la suke sgt proscatinate disebabkan i think i might just SCREAM if i go on trying to put the data together, i decided to pack my things and wait at the punch machine at 4.40!haha..dulu gler ah berazam x kan makan gaji buta, but i dont think i'll do that again kot~

and today tanam plantlet again!sukaaa..altough sakit belakang ah kan skit.. then continue to susun2 data again, x rase nk jerit dah because hari ni tuesday not monday :)

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  1. lama dh x singgah..tibe2 bace update..u dh practical ok!!!
    hahaha.conratzz!!so best x keje?do tell me mmg best giler smpai rase x nk blk umah...
    owh owh,n im in mesiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! ;)