Sunday, February 8, 2009

another Friday

mase terase berlalu begitu pantas, once again it's already weekend.

So yes, my Friday was productive in my sense.
7.00 am : bgn pagi and try to finish my Mythology hw that is due at 12 noon that day..yes, yes, I like to x berjaya.
8.50 am: went to BMB 221, went fencing.
11.20 am: came back home, continue with the hw and submitted it at 11.54 am! I do work better under pressure ;)
12.15 pm: cooked lunch
1.45 pm: Went to work. Work was ok, having Apai drop by to share some exciting news make it even better. owh I slammed a door on my face while he was around too..haha, memalukan.
6.30 pm: clock out and went home.
7.30 pm: went to Vagina Monologue with Wan, Zack and Tinie. Since I took Women Studies when I was a freshmen, I am pretty much aware of this issue, women and their private parts, women and sex pleasure, once I went to a clitoris discussion and write a review on it. Well, women should get educated on this issue, yet I will not discuss about it here, obviously it is not appropriate.
after the theater-like performance, lepak DD!
11.30 pm: played soccer at Rec Hall, fun! wow, the Juniors are very good, I'm impressed, very.
1.15 am: was ready to leave, realize Apai wasn't around, it was unlikely of him to leave w/o telling, so text him, and went back with the Lexington's. Then got a call that he actually was still at the hall and went to the restroom, sakit perut..duuh, haha..manelah first felt guilty, I was to him know better that he would stay, but then it was something to laugh about :)
2.00 am: went downstairs with a pitch of ice cream and watched a movie - Changeling. Menarik, silalah tengok.
4.00 am: put my head on a comfy pillow and slept.

Right now: Just done reading Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book II.

Text Egy this morning, told her I miss her, well I do, very much. I rarely have a chance to talk to her right now. Sekarang, will bake puding roti for her in case she'll show up.


  1. Yes Biena I miss you too. Thanks for the puding roti anyway. sedap!