Monday, January 19, 2009

more birthdays

and here is a bday post for my lovelies in RIT plak!

Ecah and Pao, selamat hari lahir !

thanksgiving 2007@Karma

Because I was intern-ing during summer and korg kuar during weekdays and since, I went to RIT and both of you weren't there, come here again so we can take a more decent pictures than this k, hehe.

if korang make it to Penn State esk (3 hours drive je kan), i blanje mkn!heee.

Paooooo, thank u for always being understanding, and matanglah ya dgn penambahan usia and jgn nakal2, jgn jd mcm Peyya, hihi.

*hugs and kisses from Penn State*


  1. sabrina darl, saye baru perasan kamu post thing for me. i am cherished. sbb kamu jarang update so saye jarang melompat ke page kamu.

    thanks sabrina. ♥ you. and my pleasure to be one of your understanding friends. hihi

    mari ke cali summer ni!!

  2. ala! happy jugak! thanks biena! <3 ya muchos! hehe. *tabur2 kasih sayang*

  3. hehehehe..tabur2 kasih syg ya Ecah, comel je

    Paoooo, x mahu pegi Cali, pegi tmpt lain jom.

  4. eyh biler tukar layout?biler tukar?
    dah cantiiiiiiiiik! :D

  5. baru jeee

    glad you like it.