Friday, January 30, 2009


Yup, changed the layout, hopefully will see some improvement in updating this blog too!

well, school so far have been ok, again I'm not that busy kot this semester, and yes, I'm still always alone at home,haha..but since i'm saving money for future plans, I dont think I want a pet dah kot. So yes, more time will be spend in front of the TV while munching some food. And therefore, maybe just maybe I'll be considering to go to the gym to maintain my weight as well as to build up some stamina for Midwest Games, again I'll play soccerlah kot.

Amazingly, I have not studied anything yet these three weeks, NOTHING, despite keinginan to be on top of things, only done some reading for my Mythology class and tu je lah kot, but by tonight I promise to change - akan lebih rajin.

I want a new teddy bear~


  1. biena always alone at home?? hmm..
    why slalu daju dtg you yg slalu xde
    daju nye azam baru..kurangkan ice..konon2 for stamina..haha..

    nak teddy bear ape lg..nnti kesian JJ dh xdisayangi lagi..ahaks..

  2. this page is so kuning. and i think now dah bole detect if you update this blog. good2!

  3. bina, you should say

    "i need a new handbag!"

    baru la girlish sikit. hihi

  4. Dajuuuuu, Daju yg sllau dtg mase bina x de tau..hihi. yes daju nk build up stamina which mean u'll play soccer ah kan nnt!yeay!

    babe, i like the colorrrrr~

    hihi..Pao, that's Nad, Nad pasti nk handbag baru if she feels down. a new teddy would be just okay for me and Daju, dont worry JJ sentiase disygiiii.


  5. kalau JJ dh x disayangi
    kene la mintak divorce cmni

  6. hahaha..ish x nak lah divorce, bkn forever bersama ke?