Monday, November 9, 2009

Back I am :)

Hellooooooo readers, wow 5 months without an update,

I know some people were like "Bina, kenapa private blog?". No worries there's not any drama-like or terlalu personal post that I dont want to share at this blog, hidup agak aman sentosa..It's simply because..SABRINA, MALAS NAK UPDATE!:D

I learn from the bf angkatlah ni, dia kata kalo x update baik privatekan je.

Quick updates (I know asyik quick updates je kan, heh:
Classes are hard but fun,
Exams are stressful but..erm no but mmg stressful pun,
independent research is STRESSFUL,
home is miss,
I'm 22!
weather is crazy,
uuuu raya dah lepas dah,
luminous bacteria!
health is 'pink' despite a visit to the doctor for a bacteria infection in the throat and the banyak-ness of orang sakit,
football..hurmmm...a long *sigh*

what else? idk! life is treating me pretty fair :)

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