Monday, January 19, 2009

better late than never

thanksgiving break 2007, cherished

and here is a post i wanted to write a long long time dah, a very special bday post to my lovelies in Illinois:

Nad, Ijan, Assem and Milah~

Happy bday korang..ok maybe i should highlight it a bit..


ish camne smua boleh jadi Dec babies ni?


I miss u guys sgt amat.
Thank you for coming here thanksgiving break last year, eh 2 years ago..seeeee dh lame x jmpe!!
and sape promise to jmpe kt Midwest tp x jmpe?haaaa.
what a trip it was, everything about it was memorable.
and i know i promise to come to Illinois, i will!
And I could wish nothing more except for all of you to be happy forever and ever, yup it may sound cliche, tapi tulah I want you guys to always be happy k despite life maybe being a bit challenging sometimes..examslah, dramalah, crusheslah, bflah..kan kan kan?

Nadiah Hakim, thank you for always being a great listener..far yet you're still the one yg slau bg i comfort.
Ijan, thank you for always seeing evryhing so positive or saying something negative in a very innocent way, haha..ijan ijan..*sigh* rindu
eh Jan, igt x lagu Meet Uncle Hussien yang kita semangat nak cari lyric sbb nak nyanyi dalam keta tu, Lagu Untukmu, menang AJL okay, x sangka. i mean bkn x sangka die mng, tp x sangka lagu yg kita smgt nk nyanyi tu yg mng.heee.
Assem, thank u for always being the sweet one..dh ade peminat baru blum Ssemm?hehe..haaa dh ade bf??x bgtau pun, lol..ssemm, sseem, jgn biar Ijan buli awk tau, eh jgn bg kitorg smua buli awk k! :D
Milah, paling matang,hehe..antara smua! take care of them k.

and korang tolonglah jgn suka sgt gossipppppp!!
jangan contohi Safwan tau, hehe.

pegi cruise to Bahamas Spring Break tahun dpn nk takkkkk?

love u guys always.

ok dh x igt no bilik kita!hehe.

bride-to-be kena buli! awww, and one of us will be getiing married soon~


bdk yg konon2 innocent :P


*hugs and kisses from Penn State*


  1. hahaha...sgt sweet seh bin...
    the cruise idea pretty menarik except ijan n nad baru 20tahun...huhuhu...
    i miss you to bin...

  2. kita pegi cruise next yearrrr, not this coming spring break sbb pastilah kena saving kan after eurotrip, awk ngn Nad pasti dh 21 nnt!and it's ok if awk 20 pun, kita bkn nk wt ape2 pun on the cruise :p

  3. ehhe. tak bina, rasanya kena over 21 kalau nak gi cruise w/out parents/guardian. certain cruise kasi provided ada somebody yg over 25. haha. anywayyyyy so sweet of you! thanks bins! we <3 you!

  4. okayyy, baru tau!hehehe. tp this cruise my senior ask us to go, i think us being 21 will be ok. i'm so gonna make sure ni jd ok, zack ckp if x jd spring break, we'll make it a post grad vacation!

  5. ooo man~
    ya Allah...
    dh tua seh kita...


  6. jan~

    jgnlah sadis2 k, at least awk 16 months younger than kita!