Friday, June 6, 2008


training with teamates before Midwest
(pics credit to Bart)

so I joined this team, Sailormoon. we played soccer. we train everyday..well not everyday, nearly everyday two weeks before Midwest Games. we were trained by two coach, Apai and Mamat and we had a really cool captain, Zack. harapan tinggi untuk menang midwest although our coaches said we didn't play as a team yet, training pun malas...ish~

so well yg pntg itu semangat btul x? tp smgt itu sort of hilang bila smpai to our field that we had to was Big! i mean besar amat, it's real soccer man! not futsal or what so ever. dh ah main under the hot sun! the guys mcm x percye our field was big, bile lht sendri baru tau..we were whining for a reason okayyy, bkn mengade2, lol~

so our first match was against Illinois - klh 0-2, but hey the Illini played well.
second match against Chi Warriors - klh 0-3, bola mereka tggi!hebatness.
against vandy - wlaupun diura-urakan mereka bermain ksr, tp x lah, okay je, they score one goal the last minute.
and our last match, against the Illini again, we lost penalti..but it was a great game, the best of four.

if you were expecting for a happy ending ilke we won somethg during Midwest..well no, we lost! tmpt ke-4 dr 4 team, heee.

here's some excuses for our lost:
1. the field was big and we played with 6 players only!
2. we were not expecting to play outdoor! kate indoor kt website..ish~
3. we did not have enough supporters cheering us at the game~
4. and did i i tell you..the field was big!

well, basicly we lost because lack of training and stamina.

but it was a great experience, except for the sunburn yg amat truk ah kan, I even score one goal during penalti against Illinois, fun!

btul org kate, blum cuba blum tau, I enjoyed playing soccer.

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  1. bina soo sweet!But yes the field was HUGE!