Thursday, June 5, 2008


that's how much Thaksin Shinawatra is willing to pay for Ronaldinho to play for his club (Man City).

gler ah!i dont know how business goes around in the soccer world tp isn't that too much? he's already the most paid footballer x ke?

EURO 2008 is just around the corner, i'll be rooting for Croatia, no 19.Niko Kranjcar to be exact.

well no, us girls dont just watch football because of the player, mesti lah because of the excitement of the game..mase game pun bkn slalu pun focus on our fav player..btul x? liking a player just add to that excitement. and some of us mmg gler2 minat bola,haaaa. so guys do respect those who are really into football k, x baik merendah-rendahkan mereka.

but i'm not a die hard fan of any club, i was once into Man U mase Beckham ade, well obviously he was amat charming on the field to not to be notice ah kan..when he transfered to Real Madrid, the interest sort of fade, but looking at the glorious season Man U had last 2 season winning the Premier League Champions and UEFA Champions League, i might as well root for Man U again, lol..i choose to stay true to the team now, and not a single player.

and yes, although i'm not that updated but i do know a little bit about football okay, dont be suprise.

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  1. hehe..girls love to watch soccer is not entirely about the player...hurm...hard to believe..very very hard....:P