Thursday, June 19, 2008

No 10. Adrian Mutu

So Romania lost in today's game against Netherlands, I am not their fan for Euro tp ksian Mutu, he tried so hard to score a goal, the camera keep on focusing on his frustrated face, but luck was not with the team and the dutch played competently although without their kesebelasan utama. And the penalty Mutu missed in the last game..hurmm..he must be disappointed amat, it could have lead Romania to quareter-finals. But hey that is football rite? Lgpun if he scores that penalty who knows Italy may score two more goals afterwards, x ke?
n owh Mutu altough you are the most tattooed member of the Romania squad; you're indubitable kacak ok.

So there was no drama in group C, Netherlands did not let Romania win just to singkirkan Italy and France. Fair enough.

n Croatia no more game yg hambar like you played against Poland dh k, play a game that is worth watching please

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