Friday, June 6, 2008

tissue culture

WARNING: if you're no where close to a Biology major..this post may bore you, x tipu..but if u have that little interest to know a little bit more about my major do read.

So Papa called just now asking me to specify my field of interest for my undergraduate training at his office..i was clueless for a moment, i mean it's been a month since i left school, i can hardly remember any terms that involve technologies or skills in the field of Biotech! so I told my father, I'll call him back.

So I went to MPOB homepage to see the courses they could offer, i know i should visit it first before deciding to do my undergraduate training there kan..but yeah, sometimes i do take things too easy, so under Biology Research Division there were groups involve with:

Gene Expression: the process by which inheritable information from a gene, such as the DNA sequence is made into a functional gene product such as protien or RNA.

Transformation: genetic alteration of a cell resulting from the uptake, genomic incorporation, and expression of foreign genetic material (DNA).

Genomics: the study of an organism's entire genome. The field includes intensive efforts to determine the entire DNA sequence of organisms and fine-scale genetic mapping efforts.

Tissue Culture: the growth of tissue and/or cells separate from the organism.

Metabolics: pathways involve in metabolism

and Genetics and Breeding.

i would die to work with the transformation team, getting first hand experience dealing with DNA (x kshlaa if it's only oil palmnye DNA) and then suka2 hati je alterkan all the genes and see the results, haha...transformation itself sounds interesting okay..but takutlaa, i just took lecture courses on how to alter gene, how then to amplify it and then incorporated it into the genome..blum msk lab lg..x nk lah risk the whole groupnye work just because i am inexperience tp wt2 tau plk kan.

so i decided to do tissue culture, cloning on an agar or brooth je pun, wouldn't be that hard.

the skills i gain from my microbiology lab would be enough..hopefully~

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