Saturday, June 14, 2008


owh today i was trusted by my parents to sign my sister's, Yaya, report card at her school. After the long wait outside of the class, mengadap matahari plk tu, a teacher came and ask the boys to place the chairs outside the class ke dalam class.fuuuh.after waiting like 30 minutes (yes, i choose to come at the wrong time, rmai amat ibu bapa yg prihatin!) i meet her teacher. the teacher of course trkjt ah kan, so i told her I was Adriana's sister.n she went 'ooo'. being in the first class, no 7 out of 42 students, i think she did well tp Yaya, i know u can do better k. owh did i mention, the boys in the class were amat nakal! main lari2, langgar2 org, main ultraman, main lwn2 with the dustbins..sigh..some thgs never change kan.

after meet the teacher session, sggh kantin sekolah, kantin dulu dan sekarang still look the same with the long window counter with variety of foods and kuih, tempat jual air seperated a little bit far from the counter, the long tables and chairs, the berbagai2 sign on the boards - doa makan, time is golden, cucilah tgn sebelum mkn, jagalah kebersihan kantin kita. I actually already had my lunch mase tu but still bkn slalu mkn kt kantin skolah! haha..So, I had nasi lemak, roti sausage, air laici dan jambu batu ngn asam.

n before we went home, singgah McD sekejap, i had a sundae, STRAWBERRY. nyum! McD in State College, please ah ada sundae strawberry juga k nnt.
and after finish eating, on the way out, i picked up my tray to clear the table, n my sis was like,

Nana:Bina, awk nk pg mane ngn tray tu?'
Bina: 'Haaa, nk kms ah, x yh kms ke?'
Nana:'Knp awk rjn sgt ni, nnt abg tu kms laaa'..pointing with her eye to a McD worker who was cleaning tables there

mcm awkard je mkn kt McD then x yh kms.

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