Wednesday, June 18, 2008


so i went to PD last weekend bersama close relatives and everyone was like 'Bina, knp dh glp skit ni..?''Owh, main bola' i replied.

Too many people asking, Papa then said, 'Biarlah dia gelap, kenapa nak cerah2?' I know papa knows i had too many comment already about being a tone darker than biasa!haha.. Thank you father.

so Izzarief and Sabriza dont give me that surprise look because dh glp when we meet nnt k!

Grad Dinner (before Midwest)

Sunburn after 3 games under terik matahari.

Midwest Night, masih sunburn.

Yet, I'm thankful for the active melanin in my skin; lowering the risk of skin cancer! n owh sape ntah yg put that idea in our minds that being fairer is beautiful-er?

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