Monday, March 28, 2011


Yo budak-budak yang grad local pastu kecoh nak cakap 'Eleh budak-budak oversea, balik-balik pun susah nak dapat kerja jugakkkk..'

Well it is not truly our faults, like seriously, if Malaysianya biotech tak se-up kt US and cant offer us jobs, nak wat camneee..well dapat kerja or tak, our undergrad years oversea I must say must have been superbly awesome than if we had continue yeah since kita sama-sama tak dapat kerja sekarang, tapi at least 4 tahun aku sebelum ni menikmati kehidupan di luar negara, ko ade merase?..aku dah pernah naik second tallest roller-coaster in the world, ko pernah? But then again, 'superbly awesome' is very subjective.

This is an over-reaction post ditujukan kepada semua yang over-obsessed with those who grad oversea yang susah mencari pekerjaan. I can't hold my anger any longer that I feel like if I dont let it go here, most likely I will strangle that person and scream everything that I said above (and more) in that person's face the next time we meet! ahahah. Urghhh, annoying btul. I dont think most of us went there with the hope to easily secure a job after graduation (yes we are all aware with the employment rate in Malaysia especially in our field), our hopes was definitely to use every opportunity that we have to enjoyyyyyy! (and in the mean time of course belajar bersungguh-sungguh, nama pun sponsored student).

Now that I am continuing my studies locally, I can see the pros and cons of doing a bachelor's degree oversea and locally, which I really dont want to discuss it here, I'm sure everyone is aware of what that are. Only those who are too proud to grad oversea or locally, cannot see the benefit of the other.

And about dapat kerja, tak dapat kerja ni, grad oversea or locally, rilex sudah weyh, rezeki Allah yang tentukan.


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  2. setuju la tu biena. dpt kerja ke tak nombor 2. all i know, i gained a lot of living skills yg tak dpt kt Malaysia selama duduk US ni :)

  3. True Mirae, very true! I tak suka sangat orang yang macam suka perli-perli orang grad oversea ni. Kalo jealous, cakap jelah jealous, no?