Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tititk-titik hitam di hati

One of the things that Apai keep reminding me, when it come to friends, hate or dislike the thing that he/she does but not to quickly hate/dislike him or her, because as everyone is aware, nobody is perfect. He is not a big fan of the pepatah 'Kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.' He holds truly to the saying 'Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih' and believes in second chances. And as a true friend, he continues, if we don't have the courage to talk to him/her personally, then pray that one day he or she will change while in the same time pray that Allah will continue to protect us from bisikan syaitan laknatullah.

With that I am forgiving everyone that has do me wrong and asking everyone to forgive me if I ever spread any hate to you just because of some small stupid things. Sorry, I promise I'll never ever bad mouth anyone again, not to Apai too

Thank you sayang! He is amazing, but in a split second, I tell you, he can be very annoyingggg, hahaha.. annoying in a good way that is :) I miss him, he has been away for two weeks now, but I'm already used to his prompt needs to work offshore

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