Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long story make short

Wow it has been a while since I updated anything here. Anyways, I've resigned from my job to further my studies at UM. So from an RO, I'm now an RA, hopefully in 5 years time i'll be done with my PhD and settle down.
Common question people would ask is, 'Kenapa tak sambung belajar oversea?'. I would usually just say 'Owh I dont think I want to be thousand miles away from my bf'. Although the truth is, malas weyh nak study GRE, cari supervisor semua tu, or write up a proposal semua tu kan. If admission is as easy as undergrad's, then oklah. I dont mind studying GRE actually, to contact a supervisor pun, contact through email pun kannn, just try email-ing EVERYONE :D To come up with a research topic and write up a proposal, okay that may take me monthssss, ahaha. But in the end, 'nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih.'
I guess this grace period of being a RA, works great with my ke-blur-an dalam mengapplykan diri as a grad student. Currently, I disuap-suap with all my research materials for my proposal, making things a little bit simpler. Since I'm jumping from tissue culture to proteomics, I AM a little bit loss. Hopefully in this 6 months time, I'll be registered as a student, co-write a paper in a journal, to fulfill the requirement of my future scholar (I hope), if not terpaksalah cari penaja baru, yang kurang sikit permintaan KPI dia, maka hidup pun akan kurang stress, tapi kurang productive jugaklah maknanya.

6 months that is all the time I have. I really cant change my habit of procrastinating though.

After giving a long thought, I've decided if I want to spent my life doing research than why must I wait to obtain a higher degree. Time is not a luxury I can waste. Wait, did I just not said I really cant change my habit of procrastinating though?!

I really do envy those who know what they want in life and are very motivated to achieve them. I should learn a thing or two from them.I should have focus and applied grad school during my final year! I'm just glad that my final CGPA met the cut off to pursue my PhD straight away, tapi tulah I need to co-write a paper dulu.

There is a strong part of me that says I really want to be an event planner - be it a symposium ke, wedding ke, exhibition ke, anything that involves planning an event that does not really have to be beneficial but definitely not morally destructivelah tapi ..high tea for the PM ke :)

Owh well, one can dream.


  1. Bina dekat department mana ni?
    my wife dulu dekat biomed engr dept
    organize project underground hacc la bina. ajak acheng. dia suka la benda2 underground ni

  2. Ye Ke Taufiq?!
    I was offered a post as tutor kt Biomedical Engineering, but I choose to be an RA and then continue studies under the department of Genetic and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science.

    Taufiq! Me and HACC, we have histories! ahaha

  3. Bina, you now have your career planned for at least the next 5 years, so you should give yourself a pat on the back! Some others, unlike you, are still wondering what could they possibly be doing in 5 years time (read: me).

    btw bina plan la percutian ni bila nak g jalan2 kononnnye :(