Saturday, February 12, 2011

I will not be another Thomas Wilson

Up until now, everytime I wished an easy, relaxing life, I remembered back what happen to Thomas Wilson. An idle life planned early will only end tragically. The more I live my life doing nothing, the tougher life gets. Because life is never meant to be lived idle-ly. Everyone has their own destiny. We just have to figured it out. And on the search of finding that destiny,  the alchemist said, "Every search begins with beginner's luck. And every search ends with the victor's being severely tested."

I want to have a goal in life while living in the moment, therefore if I am being severely tested in reaching that goal, life is still enjoyed and hopefully I have no regrets if I were to die. That is better than not being severely tested but die in vain, just like Thomas Wilson in The Lotus Eater. But then again, it is a personal choice, just as a personal choice as to when to get married and why.

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  1. tiba2 mata terbuka dekat ayat last... "personal choice as to when to get married and why."... hehee. =P

    grrr... tak suka la baca blog korang yang tempias2 ni. hehe. egy pon same. i x bapa nak paham le. haha. paham2 la kan i ni mmg payah sikit nak paham. =p

    btw... i'll be staying at shah alam smpai xtau bila. so bila pulang ke seri kembangan jangan lupe hint2 ye.