Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Only Exception

Some people may have thousands of friends, but I'm not one of those people. Maybe becuase I am a person that like to keep everything to myself and like I said earlier, I could really care less of what people do that I dont see the need to talk to people that much. I am certainly not shy, I'm just..I like to keep my life simple with just a friend or two. I'm okay with being alone with a book (although many of the books are read halfway, heh) and only having my cousins as friends. 

It may take a while for me to be a friend to another, I'm not sure why that is the case. I'm not sure why is it hard for me to offer friendship to others. Maybe I always have a hard time trusting others, and I rather be cheated by a boyfriend than being back stab by a close friend.

But when you're halfway around the globe from people you knew for sure to love you no matter what, the family of course, and with all the things you have to face being in a foreign land with typical teenager-turning-a-young-adult problems, saat-saat mencari who you really were, of course you need someone to turn too, and that is when I start to actually build friendship with the girls at Penn State.

Everyone is special in their own way to me and Zack and Egy are extra special. Penn State was more memorable becuase of them. I think they were usually the ones who knew the right words to say to make me feel better. We do see things differently sometimes but in a good way, they are just as crazy as I am but wait I think they are even more crazierlah but I appreciate that they never push me to do anything that makes me uncomfortable, and accept me just the way I am. It's amazing how I fit in with the two.

It's true that they were times that I choose to spent some time with Apai than with them, but never with no guilt, sometimes I cry knowing that I may have hurt their feelings (okay nangis), which mean something, becuase I do cry a lot watching dramas and movies but never for hurting someone else feeling becuase whenever I do that I usually felt that..that person deserve it, heh. But as far for Zack and Egy for all the times they were there for me, they dont deserve to get their feelings hurt by me, no they dont. Sorry :(

Everyone, have their own definition as what GOOD friends are,  I'm not sure what's mine, but I guess they two can be the definition :)

Dear Zack and Egy, you two may have other friends you consider top list as special but both are you are certainly on top of mine. Thank you for making me open up to actually trust FRIENDS, I never knew that I could.

Nah, a song for both of you, the word 'love' in the song should definitely be change to friendship, barulah touching skit weyh, ahahaha. Thank you for driving here to Seri Kembangan knowing that I need to home at 7, just so that we can all spend some time together since Egy got her first paycheck!!


  1. Alamak so sweet la. Macam nak menitis air mata rasanya. Thanks for being a good friend to me to Biena! Love you.

  2. Babe, kenapa 'macam nak menitis air mata rasanya'. I was hoping for 'menitis air mata..' hehe.

    Sayang ko jua :)

  3. Saya cover macho. But serious terharu ni tau. Glad to have a good friend like you too.