Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little bit of this and that

If you were a reader of my blog before, you would know that:
  •  I normally blog dwi-bahasa in the same post
  • I write like I talk
  • I usually post about happy things and rarely about things that break my heart because when I'm feeling down is either I will go gemukkan diri sendri with ice-cream or chocolates, mengaji or on the phone screaming about the whole thing to one of my unfortunate friends, heh.
  • And owh I dont refer to my bf as 'My bf....' or other cute names some people may have for their significant other, it is usually just Apai :)
  • I am very straight forward about things I usually post, very rare I am being vague about something or ever being poetic.
So why sofhi-the-elephant. I has nothing to do with who gave it to me ok, BTUL, ok maybe slightly matters kot. But it is just a symbol of appreciation to my one and only NON-LIVING FRIEND! For he is the one who was there for me ALWAYS. It's a long story I tell you. Anyways, Sofhi the Elephant, Sabrina loves you!

And you said you were mature Sabrina, are you sure?!

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