Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

I only have a person or should I say an organization/company/whatever you call it, which I really want to say something to: PETRONAS

Yo PET, send him back alreadylah, he was suppose to return MONDAY.

Sometimes I do fell these 3 weeks are harder than those 3 months we were apart. I guess because I cant always reach him.

He is super busy, I hate him, I mean..I miss him.

Apai: Kejap eh I kena siapkan evening report
Bina:  Nak tanya a random question boleh? U tulis report u in BM ke English?
Apai: English, Petronas kan multinational company
Bina: Owh ok.

I dont know where I get the idea that Petronas employees write their report in BM, even I blog in ENGLISH, gosh Sabrina stop asking bimbo-ish random questions ok.


  1. Wah at least an update each day now eh? I loikeeeee.
    Aku doakan korg kawen cepat heeeeeee lapar ni :D

  2. Peyya!
    Tak update tiap-tiap hari pun, heh.

    Aku pun doakan ko jua :)

  3. peyyaaa die xder keje biena..
    owhh i miss us =[