Tuesday, November 2, 2010

See Friendship

So because I spent less time on Facebook nowdays or maybe I do spend sufficient time on Facebook to realize the changes made by Facebook, but because I can be very ignorant at times, I'm usually not the first one to notice anything lain on Facebook :D

So there's this new See Friendship thing, when I first knew what is what I was like 'Biar betik Facebook ni, semangat sangat nk mudahkan orang stalk orang lain tu kenapa?!'

But then after giving another minute to think about it,
'Owh well, Facebook is a LAMAN WEB SOCIAL, so what kind of privacy would you really expect right? If nak privacy then can FB message, chat, text, or email, no?'
Come to think of it, if we really wanted privacy for certain matters we put on Facebook, then we would have not put all those walls, photos and comments on Facebook in the first place, tak ke? Even if Facebook is getting more stalker-friendly, tapi if every Friends on Facebook is a friend, then I dont think they really want to stalk us that much, right? Even if they stalk pun, what difference will it make? They already knew everything. Even if they didn't knew everything, then salah diri sendrilah sape sruh put that thing on Facebook in the first place, x ke? It is just a loop yang akhirnya akan berakhir dengan persoalan "Kenapa post everything yg dipost on Facebook if  TAK NAK orang lain tahu, WHYYY?" Maybe because we never guess Facebook will turn out this way.
I dont know, I'm just confuse why people are expecting so much privacy from Facebook, it's Facebook kot.

We control our privacy, not Facebook, Facebook never said they will not do what they are doing right know. Be smart people, remember, anything you post on the net is NEVER 100% SAFE. We need to be cautious and again smartlah. Daripada cuba mengubah Facebook, maybe we should change our way of communicating on Facebook, who's with me?

This is just my thought after 2 minutes thinking about it. Maybe lama-lama fikir, I will also curse Facebook like everyone else. But as for now, I'll blame myself for trusting a laman web sosial with things that I wish was kept a little bit private, and not so expose.

And to those yang x de kerja, hit 'See Friendship' on every wall post on another person's page, really, get a life.


  1. Biena semangat cerita pasal Facebook! Tapi menarik lah entry ni. Macam emo tapi you really have points here.

  2. I'm afraid I have to disagree hehe. True, we're supposed to control our own privacy, and it's our fault that people were able to see whatever we don't want them to see, because its just been there all along kan, kalau stalker tegar tu macammane pun boleh akan jumpa jugak, just kena dig wayyy deeper la.

    But this feature just makes it easier for literally everyone to be a stalker (ie not just your stalker tegar).Boleh byg tak, before this, unless you're a real psycho yg akan waste many hours digging into a person interaction with another, you won't be looking into it kan. But now with this feature, you can see a history of your friends interactions with his/her gfs/bfs, ex-es, scandals, besties, enemies etc, even if it happens long ago. So it's kind of like an invitation for everyone to be your stalker, tayah effort pun hahaha.

    For me, I don't really have any issues with privacy, I thinkk I control what I put on FB (wait, did I? How am I supposed to remember what's there years ago? Well maybe someone will find that out before I do, apparently), but this feature is just creepy, and sure does make me feel uncomfortable somehow, knowing that people are peeking into your previous interactions so easily.

    But then again, everyone has their own preferences; some just don't mind while some do. Either way, I just hope we were given the CHOICE to allow easy-stalking on us or not.

  3. Egy: I just fell the need to write about this because everyone is just too trusting with Facebook, like seriously everyone should realize that Facebook does not really care about it's user privacy or anything about it's user pun.

    Taufiq: ape yang nak buat? Hit See Friendship on another people's wall and stalk ke?! Ahaha. Like you have the time to do it kan :)Anyway Taufiq, you are one of my favorite example of what a good user of Facebook is. Despite having a 1000 friends, you actually successfully kept your private life private.

    Peyya! :D

    Why is easy-stalking should be an issue? Because we were not sure what we did on Facebook way back? That is why I think, we should actually change the way we communicate on Facebook, like NOW, yang dah berlaku, dah berlaku dah, we cant really change that. But we can control our future. Let this Friendship thing menjadi pembuka mata of what Facebook can do. Everyone should be aware that Facebook is a global social networking site yang dicontrol oleh orang lain with their OWN visions. I seriously cant believe that Facebook actually hear me on the "See photos of ... and ..." thing! Glerlah, I can work with Facebook :)
    I agree, to actually have a choice on this See Friendship thing will actually be great. But when you think a little deeper, why would Facebook care to give that option to its user anyway, no?